Raising chickens on your property is a fun, sustainable way to produce your own food and even make a profit. But if you’re interested in starting your own chicken farm, you have to invest in the right equipment – that includes the best egg incubator for your chickens. This little Brinsea model has all the great qualities of a commercial incubator at a fraction of the size. The Brinsea Mini II is an awesome little incubator for a small-scale home farm. With a clear, dome-shaped lid and automated features, you can watch your chicks hatch without much maintenance. The sturdy ABS plastic build is safe and easy to clean. Automatic turning ensures the eggs are warmed from all sides and can be programmed at different speeds. The digital display on the lid allows you to adjust the temperature and humidity controls as needed. To top it off, this incubator comes with a unique “countdown to hatching day” so you can see exactly when your eggs will hatch – making this a great product to teach kids about raising chicks.

  1. Harris Farms 360 INDUCED AIRFLOW incubator “Best for Chicken Eggs & Great View“
  2. HovaBator Combo Kit 42 eggs incubator “Best Beginner Kit & Easiest to Use“
  3. Farm Innovators with Automatic Egg Turner“Best Temperature Indicator & Transparent Dome“
  4. Budget Large 56 Eggs Incubator “Best Large Incubator & LED Candler“
  5. Magicfly Small Egg Incubator “Best Compact Design & Most Affordable“
  6. ESTINL Poultry 12 Eggs Incubator “Best Led Display & Most Protective“
  7. R-com Fully Automatic Egg Incubator “The Most Reliable & High Egg Capacity“
  8. Magicfly Eggs Incubators for Hatching Chickens Eggs “Best Overall & Most Versatile“
  9. HBlife 9-12 Digital cheap Incubator “Best for Large Eggs & Largest Design“
  10. Brinsea Mini II Best Small Egg Incubator “Best Visibility & Easiest to Clean


  • Correct and even temperature controlled by a thermometer or thermocouple
  • Correct humidity controlled by ventilation rate and water application
  • Correct oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations controlled by ventilation
  • Turning of the fertile eggs by approximately 90 degrees several times per day by manual or automatic means.

These parameters can be easily achieved and maintained if the incubator manufacturer’s operating instructions are carefully adhered to.


Capacity Operating VoltageElectric PowerWeight Size
5280eggs 220V1000w250kg180*105*190CM
Usage chicken Duck Goose QuailTurkey
Egg tray88eggs63eggs 32eggs221eggs 63eggs 
Temperature control accuracy±0.1°C
Humidity Precision Control±5%RH
Temperature Control Accuracy≤±0.1°C
Humidity Display Range0—99%RH
Temperature Display Range5-50°C
Relative HumidityLess than 85%


$42.00 – $300,00.00

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