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Cemetery mowers are machines that are used to cut the grass in cemeteries. The machine is usually a tractor that has been outfitted with a blade and a tractor-mounted mower. There are two types of cemetery mowers: walk-behind and ride-on.

The walk-behind cemetery mower is used to cut grass along pathways in a cemetery. It can also be used to trim shrubs and other vegetation around gravesites. This type of machine is operated by one person and requires little maintenance because it does not have an engine. The ride-on cemetery mower is pulled behind a vehicle and can be used for cutting grass along pathways or for trimming shrubs around gravesites. This machine is usually operated by two people, one who operates the tractor or other vehicle pulling the mower, while another person operates the mower itself.

Mowing is a time-consuming and expensive task. Our product is an automated mower that can take care of your cemetery’s lawn with minimal human intervention. The mower will be able to handle all types of grass, including tall or thin grasses, as well as weeds and other foliage.

The mower has been designed to be easy to use. It is controlled through an app on your phone and will connect to the internet in order to find out where it needs to go next.

It can also communicate with other devices in order to ensure it does not encounter any obstacles along the way. This means that you don’t need to worry about it getting stuck or damaged by falling over onto its side while cutting the grass (which is often the case with manual mowers).

The mower will work throughout the day and night so that there isn’t any downtime for maintenance or repairs when it comes time for our customers’ loved ones who have passed away at rest peacefully knowing their final resting place looks beautiful year round.

Grasshopper, Husqvarna, and Automower are all excellent brands of lawn mowers, but which one is best for cemetery grass? Here are some tips on choosing the best mowers for cemetery grass. Weigh your needs and budget to find the right mower. And make sure you keep the following factors in mind before purchasing a lawn mower:


The city of California, Mo., uses the Grasshopper diesel mowers to maintain four cemeteries and 110 acres of turf areas. These machines can mow to within a half-inch of any obstacle, reducing the need for push mowers. The Grasshopper’s efficiency and ease of operation have impressed the city’s maintenance crews, who say it’s easy to use and comfortable to operate.

If you’re responsible for keeping a cemetery or other property looking its best, you may want to consider the Grasshopper True ZeroTurn MidMount mower. This mower is ideal for mowing around obstacles, and features a three or four-wheeled power unit and mid-mounted mowing deck. Its height-adjustable blades can reach low-hanging branches and shrubs and can cut through muddy areas.

Grasshopper rear-discharge decks provide a level, even cut that evenly distributes clippings behind the mower. This mower’s rear-discharge deck also allows the operator to trim the edges with both sides of the deck, eliminating the need for slow two-cycle units. In addition to maximizing productivity, the Grasshopper mower is environmentally friendly and is a smart choice for cemeteries.

Ultrasonic sensors help the Grasshopper mower operate safely and efficiently. The ultrasonic sensors alert the mower when something is in its path, which helps it slow down and prevent collisions from occurring. This helps preserve the mower’s body by preventing unnecessary wear and tear on the structure. As a result, this machine is more environmentally friendly and helps to maintain a cemetery’s aesthetic appeal.


The Husqvarna is a premium brand of lawn mowers. It was originally developed in Sweden, and initially made musket pipes. Today, it produces a variety of tools, including riding mowers, zero-turn lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, and snowblowers. Among other things, Husqvarna mowers are known for their reliability and durability. Bob Vila even calls Husqvarna one of the best lawn mower brands.

The Husqvarna Automower is great for cemetery work because it features a blade that slows down before hitting a tree or a bush. It also has a 45-litre grass collector and an automatic stop when it encounters an object. The ultrasonic sensors improve the durability of the mower by anticipating collisions. This feature also reduces the amount of wear and tear on the machine.

Grasshopper 450xh

When it comes to mowing a cemetery, you don’t want to go with just any mower. Grasshopper 450xh mowers are engineered with quality all throughout. They can tackle up to 2 acres of land. They’re also equipped with ultrasonic sensors so they can anticipate objects in front of them. Having these sensors allows the mower to slow down and avoid hitting things, which makes it more durable.

Husqvarna Automower

Recently, an automatic lawnmower was stolen from a Loveland cemetery, where it had been installed for about two months. The mower, a Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD, was eventually found thanks to the use of a GPS system and a mobile app. Employee Dale Schwery noticed the mower’s location after he checked the GPS location on his mobile device.

With the help of an Automower, cemetery workers can spend more time on other tasks, such as attending to the dead. Its silent operation allows it to mow the yard while you sleep, ensuring your lawn always looks its best. Husqvarna has spent over two decades developing robotic lawn mowers that do the work of a human while cutting the grass. These machines have GPS tracking and smart sensors to guide them through slopes of up to 45% without a problem.

The first auto mowers were manufactured in the 1990s and hit the market in Europe in 1995. Schwery first started using these machines on commercial jobs about six years ago. Today, there are seven companies in the U.S. that produce these auto mowers. One of these companies, Husqvarna, is one of the leading makers of these robotic mowers. The Husqvarna Automower is like a GPS-guided farm tractor and an invisible dog fence, and it can mow a cemetery in no time.

This robotic lawnmower from Husqvarna has impressive slope performance and offers improved safety for public green spaces. Its pivoting rear body allows it to manoeuvre on uneven terrain while ensuring traction. Additionally, it features a remote object detection system to ensure safety. A rubber bumper protects the wheels from falling objects. The Husqvarna Automower is available at an Elite Automower Dealer near you.

Husqvarna Automower 450xh

One of the benefits of owning a Husqvarna Automower for cemetery mowing is the quiet operation. This mower can be set to mow at any time, rain or shine, and it will automatically return to its charging station when it’s done. The mower also stores its charge in a convenient and easily accessible place, such as a garage.

If you’re considering a robotic mower for a cemetery, you’ll want to think about the Husqvarna 450x. It has an intelligent design that cuts only a small portion of grass each time. It will also automatically fertilize the grass that falls to the ground, ensuring a beautiful, healthy lawn. This mower also won’t produce any pollutants or harmful side effects.

The 450XH can handle a yard up to 1.25 acres. Its cutting height ranges from two inches to three inches, and its battery life is impressive. It also features GPS mapping and boundary wires for a safe, precise cut. The Husqvarna Automower is also the quietest robot mower on the market. The only difference between the Husqvarna Automower 450X and 450XH is the cutting height. The 450XH has a 3.5-inch cutting width, while the 450XH has a lower cutting height, but the 450XH has an adjustable cutting height.

Another benefit of the Husqvarna Automower 420X is its hands-free operation. It doesn’t need much maintenance. Its robust safety features keep children and pets safe, and it also gives a clean, precise cut every time. It even includes a PIN code for safety purposes. The 450XH also has GPS navigation to track its location and mow.

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