There are a couple major distributors in the fly tying industry that supply most fly shops with all their materials, but they don’t have the entire market and there are a ton of one off suppliers that have all kinds of materials and hooks available. Because of this, pricing can vary greatly from shop to shop or site to site. We’ve found a few online retailers that we recommend below. We’re not paid to recommend them or anything, this is where we get most of our materials and hooks because we’ve found excellent prices and great quality giving the best overall value.


Hooks are the most expensive part of fly tying, so finding a good hook supplier is a great find. Beads are the second most expensive and these guys do a great job on prices for both. A 25 pack of standard dry fly hooks will run you almost $7.00 at a local fly shop, but Allen Fly Fishing offers them as low as $2.91 for a pack of 25. They are quality hooks that match up to a Daichi in my opinion and I’ve had maybe 5 hooks out of 10,000 break since I’ve used them and they were all on the vise, not on fish.


A medium sized online retailer, these guys sell almost every material imaginable at solid prices. They offer free shipping often and if you stock up when you buy, you can save a bundle. I buy all my threads, dubbings, wires, and specialty synthetic materials from them. There’s lots you can buy and their quality is as good as you’ll find in any fly shop but for 25% less than anywhere with a brick and mortar location.


You have to know what you want at ebay and pay attention to the brands and quality, but if you know your way around the materials you need, you can get great deals on here too. If you’re new to the hobby, you should be cautious here because you’ll find “good deals” that sell crappy materials and you’re stuck with ugly looking flies because you have poor grade materials. As you learn, you’ll be able to distinguish the good deals.

Features of Best Place To Buy Fly Tying Materials:

  • Fly fishing knot cards with step-by-step, color-coded knot tying diagrams designed to be easy to follow, including descriptions and usage tips
  • Includes mini carabiner for clipping your knot cards to your pack or vest
  • Contains fly fishing setup diagram and clearly shows how to tie 14 essential fly fishing knots
  • Portable, durable, completely waterproof card format is perfect for using in the wet environments encountered when fishing
  • Fly fishing knots pocket guide is printed on super thick premium plastic card stock for unmatched durability — these things are designed to last

Uses/benefits Best Place To Buy Fly Tying Materials:

Greatfishing flashabou tinsels with PET-Environmentally Friendly materials, UV lamp irradiation has a fluorescent effect, can decorate nymphs, tie sea fishing, lure, etc.
Dress your flies up with some crystal flash. Give your fly that extra flash to catch the attention of the fish. It can suitable for freshwater flies or saltwater flies.
Tinsel Size: 0.3mm, 25cm to 30cm length, about 230 strands/pack.
Application: Flies decorating.
Color: 10 color one pack.
Color avaialbe:
Yellow, golden green, lake blue, light yellow, sapphire blue, purple white, pink, rose red, olive green, black.
Please understand that the tinsel length and quantity of each pack are not the same because it were packed manually. Please also note there may be color shift.

These fly tying kits include full fly tying kits for everything you need and specialty kits for materials like glue or just fly tying tools. The complete beginner fly tying kits found here to buy are an easy and effective way to for the beginner fly tyer to start tying flies. Buy fly tying kits that include a selection of fly tying materials or a selection of fly tying materials and fly tying tools.

Prices of Best Place To Buy Fly Tying Materials:

$12.99 – $51.97

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