Surf fishing is the practice of catching fish from the shoreline, typically by angling. Surf fishing can be done from the beach with rods or from a boat. In Australia, surf fishing has become very popular and is also known as beach casting.

Surf fishing involves casting a lure into the surf zone and allowing it to drift back onto the beach where you are waiting for a bite. This isn’t a technique that requires any special equipment other than your rod and reel and some bait. You can use fresh or frozen bait depending on what’s available in your area. The most popular baits used when surf fishing include squid, prawns, mussels, and pilchards (a type of fish).

When choosing a rod for this activity, it’s important that it has enough power to cast out into deep water without breaking under too much pressure – but not so much power that it will snap back at you when reeling in a big catch. For this reason, we recommend using an 8’6″ (2m) rod with a medium-heavy line weight such as 15lb (7kg).

Best Surf Fishing Rods Australia

When it comes to choosing the Best Surf Fishing Rod in Australia, there are many options. You can choose from the St. Croix Super Surf, the Avid BG 4500, and the Okuma Cedros CSX. In this article, we will go over some of the best options. After reading this, you should be better able to choose the right one for you. We will also discuss some of the features of each rod and how they can help you with your fishing needs.

St. Croix Super Surf

If you’re looking for the ultimate in performance from a surf fishing rod, you should consider a St. Croix Super Surf fishing rod. With handcrafted blank and advanced technologies, the St. Croix Seage Surf Spinning Rod provides a combination of superior construction and unsurpassed impact protection. The Seage series is a top-of-the-line surf rod that uses advanced carbon fiber construction and two coats of Flex-Coat to reduce the weight.

The Seage Series features a streamlined X-Flock-covered handle and a unique Winn comfort-focused foregrip. X-Flock is a textured shrink tube that provides a tacky feel and slight compression. The slim-diameter handle is covered with X-Flock to minimize hand fatigue. These surf rods are perfect for beginners and professionals alike, thanks to their lightweight construction and flexible Flex-Coat technology.

The new Avid series surf rods are lightweight powerhouses designed for the discerning surf angler. The IPC-equipped Fuji K-Series guides ensure maximum distance casting without fatigue. Built-in the U.S.A., these surf rods are made to last. The latest innovations in technology have made them the best surf fishing rods on the market. And they’re made with the same craftsmanship and materials that the original St. Croix rods are known for.

Avid BG 4500

The Avid BG 4500 surf fishing rod is designed to be as light as possible while offering a wide range of features and benefits. Its high-modulus SCIII carbon construction and Fuji K-Series KW tangle-free guides are among the top features of the Avid Surf series. The rod also features Corrosion Control ™ frame treatment and Alconite(r) rings for superior strength and corrosion resistance. The custom cork tape handle with machined trim pieces is another great feature.

The reel’s Digigear II drive and 6BB and ATD with carbon washers deliver smooth power transfer and a nimble winding feel. The aluminum body keeps the reel securely under load and also maintains a smooth winding feel. The rod is available in several sizes. A light surf rod up to ten pounds is a good choice for this model. And, it is equipped with a powerful anti-reverse bearing that prevents the spool from going in reverse.

Daiwa’s BG spinning reel is designed specifically for saltwater fishing. It is made from black anodized machined aluminum and has an oversized Digigear system. It is lightweight, yet durable and will handle smaller inshore species with ease. Its smooth action will enable you to cast a long distance with ease and precision. This is a great choice for anglers looking for an affordable surf fishing reel.

Okuma Cedros CSX

The Okuma Cedros CSX is a surf spinning rod designed for spinning. This rod has a 30 Ton carbon fiber blank, a custom handle set, and a braid-focused guide system. The carbon fiber blanks provide exceptional responsiveness and available power, while the 316 stainless steel guide frames incorporate Zirconium inserts. The Cedros CSX is a great choice for spinning.

The 30-ton carbon blanks of the Okuma CEDROS CSX surf fishing rods make this rod exceptionally durable. Despite the rod’s lightweight, the rod’s responsiveness makes it ideal for surf fishing. It also has moderate/fast tapers that maximize distance, and ALPS 316-grade stainless steel guide frames, and Pac Bay reel seats. This saltwater surf fishing rod is a versatile tool for any angler’s tackle box, and the CSX design is ideal for any type of sport fishing.

The Okuma Cedros CSX is a surf spinning rod designed for medium-speed casting. It can handle a range of line weights from 14 to 40 pounds. The Cedros CSX is a two-piece surf spinning rod with seven guides + a tip. These features increase responsiveness and maximize power. The rod’s carbon fiber blanks also enhance the rod’s flexibility, allowing it to perform well on even the toughest surf fish.

Daiwa BG 4500

The Daiwa BG 4500 surf and inshore fishing rod are made of durable aluminum construction with six stainless ball bearings. EVA Foam grips give you a comfortable grip. These combos are made for the most discerning angler. The Daiwa BG 4500 is the perfect surf fishing rod for you. Its high-performance features make it a top choice for serious saltwater fishermen.

The Daiwa BG 4500 is 9 feet long and features a fiberglass blank for a smooth casting experience. This rod’s power is medium-high, so you can cast heavy lures without worrying about breaking the line on a forward snap. It also comes with three gear ratios for increased versatility. Depending on your fishing style, the Daiwa BG 4500 surf fishing rod is available in high, medium, and low power.

Its drag system is incredibly smooth and predictable, and the ATD Tournament design has cross-cut carbon fiber washers to reduce drag jerk. The Daiwa BG has seven stainless steel ball bearings, which are designed to eliminate rust. And because the rod is water-resistant, you won’t have to worry about your line tangling. The Daiwa BG 4500 surf fishing rod is a great choice for inshore and surf fishing.

Shimano MQ 3000

The new MQ-3000 casts with ease and has excellent drag performance, making it the perfect choice for surf fishing. The one-piece frame eliminates the traditional two-piece body and side plate design, and its streamlined and rugged body allows for greater capacity and smoother overall performance. The MQ body is stronger and more compact than ever before, while its improved weather sealing makes it more resistant to wear and tear.

The BG MQ is the highest-end reel for inshore anglers, but it isn’t the cheapest. Despite its high price, it’s still a superb value, and it remains untouched by the wear and tear of fishing. Despite being the most expensive reel, Luke Simonds was able to hook a 10-foot shark with it – and thankfully, the line broke before the reel did.

In addition to the MQ 3000, Shimano has several other models of reels that can be used for inshore or light offshore fishing. The Saltist MQ 5000 and 6000 models are best for small to medium fish, while the MQ 8000 is better suited for large pelagics. Both the 6000 and 8000 are versatile, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs.

Lamiglas Super Surf

The Lamiglas Super Surf 2G Pro Surf is the ultimate long-cast, fast-action surf rod. Its completely rebalanced design, new guide layout concept, and modern handle configuration offer the perfect balance and control. The two-piece design is lightweight and highly resistant to bending. The Lamiglas Super Surf is made of high-quality material and is designed to handle tough saltwater and choppy waters.

The Lamiglas Super Surf 2G Series features Fuji reel seats and lightweight K-frame guides. It also has a stunning aqua-blue finish. This is a great surf fishing rod for beginners and serious surf casters alike. It is made in the U.S.A. and offers a lifetime warranty. It is a top pick for saltwater fishing. While the price is slightly higher than other surf rods, it is worth the extra money and value.

The Lamiglas Super Surf 2G Series offers new technology and materials that enhance performance. Its new design integrates a modernized guide layout concept, allowing it to cast farther and faster. It also features a new handle configuration for perfect balance. The new Super Surf 2G Series is 25 percent lighter than its predecessor. The new Super Surf 2G Series also offers improved durability and casting. The Super Surf 2G Series fulfills the demand for a lightweight, powerful surf fishing rod.

Assassin Horizon

Designed for professionals, the Assassin Horizon surf fishing rods are made of high-grade materials and will stand up to years of use. Moreover, these rods have an increased length of 15 feet, which is ideal for targeting mulloway at the back of the surf. The rod is also equipped with a Fuji ceramic guide system, which increases its durability and flexibility, allowing you to use heavier lines with ease. As with all Assassin surf fishing rods, these rods are of high quality and are made to last a lifetime.

The Assassin Horizon zero xxxh surf fishing rod is made to handle big baits. In addition, it is equipped with deep-pressed guides and graphite blanks. It is a lightweight fishing rod but still has a high-end performance. Its lightweight, ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and will ensure that you never miss the big one. Besides, its stainless-steel construction makes it easier to handle. The EVA grips make it comfortable for fishing.

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