The Travel Crate For Small Dogs is the perfect solution for your pet’s travel needs. This soft-sided crate is made of a durable, breathable mesh material that will protect your dog from harm while they’re in transit. The mesh panels allow air to flow through the crate, keeping your dog cool and comfortable during its ride. The nylon straps are easy to adjust and make this crate easy to set up at home or on the go.

The Travel Crate For Small Dogs comes with a carrying case that can be used as a backpack or worn on your shoulder. This makes it easy to transport your dog from place to place without having to worry about whether or not they’ll be able to fit into their usual carrier once you arrive at your destination.

Best Travel Crate For Small Dogs

There are many different choices out there when it comes to travel crates for small dogs. There are plastic kennels, collapsible crates, and wire mesh dog crates. These crates can be a great option for a variety of reasons, but there are also several safety concerns that you should keep in mind. Here are some tips to help you choose the best travel crate for your dog.

Petsfit collapsible dog crate

If you’re looking for a collapsible dog crate, consider the Petsfit collapsible soft-sided crate. With a steel frame, it folds up easily and features a handle for easy transport. This sturdy, yet compact dog crate comes with everything you need for a secure dog crate. The pet crate is also machine washable, making it an easy choice for transport.

Petsfit collapsible dog-crates feature memory metal rods on both the top and bottom, ensuring that your pet won’t shift during transport. Its dimensions are 16″L x 19″W x 16″H, making it perfect for small dogs.

Petsfit collapsible dog crates come in several sizes. The Medium is the best choice for small dogs. This crate is twenty-four inches long, seventeen inches wide, and twenty-one inches high. It comes with a handle and shoulder straps for easy transport. Its steel frame is sturdy, and it has mesh-covered windows for ventilation. It is also available in two larger sizes, including one that’s suitable for large dogs.

The Petsfit collapsible dog crates are easy to use and are made of durable materials that last a long time. When choosing the right one, it’s important to consider the size and temperament of your dog before making a purchase. Small dogs are generally calmer and need a softer-sided crate, while more active adult dogs need a heavier-duty model.

The Petsfit collapsible dog crates are made of high-quality materials and designed to make your dog happy. It has lockable metal zippers for security and a removable Oxford fabric cover for convenience. It can also be easily stored in the back seat of your car. And the best part is, it’s relatively affordable.

SportPet Designs plastic kennel

This plastic travel kennel for small dogs is available in several sizes and is designed for kennel-trained pets only. Its slatted walls minimize chewing opportunities by pups. It is easy to assemble and comes with metal bolts, nuts, and tie-down holes for bungees. It also features a moat that guides liquids to the outer edges of the kennel.

This plastic travel kennel for small dogs has four metal slats to reduce chewing and is easy to assemble. The kennel comes with four removable live animal stickers, a carry bag, and metal bolts to attach it to your vehicle. The kennel can accommodate up to 140 pounds of dogs.

This durable plastic travel kennel for small dogs is an airline-approved dog crate. It can hold two small dogs and is designed for easy transport. It also includes clip-on food bowls and metal bolts and nuts for added security. Its wheels make it easier to transport.

SportPet Designs plastic travel kennels are highly popular among dog owners. These plastic crates are lightweight, durable, and come in various colors. The Petmate Two-Door Top Load Kennel is available in four different color schemes. Its top-loading design and vented walls make it the ideal travel crate for small dogs.

Another great travel kennel for small dogs is the SportPet Premium Pet Carrier. This is another lightweight travel kennel that features soft and sturdy siding. The mesh side folds out to give your dog more leg room. It also includes a washable mesh cushion for easy cleaning.

Petmate Vari

The Petmate Vari travel crate for small dogs is designed for your traveling companions to feel secure and comfortable. It features an easy-open squeeze latch, interior moat, tie-down strap holes, and tough, durable construction. These features ensure extra security during airline travel.

The Vari travel crate is easy to assemble with included bolts and wing nuts. It meets most airline requirements and is made in the USA. It ships via LTL/Freight Carrier. Depending on the shipping method you choose, you may be charged an additional shipping fee. Typically, ground shipping will arrive within 10-14 business days.

Another great feature of the Petmate Vari travel crate is its top opening. This is ideal for pets who get easily frightened. The top door opens from the side and can be locked on either side. A steel wire door is also easy to open with just one hand. The steel-wire door has plenty of ventilation. This makes traveling with your pet a breeze. Whether you’re driving or flying, the Petmate Vari travel crate will make the trip a pleasant experience for your pet.

The Petmate Vari travel crate for small dogs is lightweight and durable. It is airline approved and features 360-degree ventilation. It also comes with a food and water bowl. If your pup doesn’t like the idea of being in a travel crate, you can give him a dog bone to help him get used to the idea.

If you choose to use an intermediate crate, make sure to order it before 3 pm Eastern Standard Time. It will ship on the same day. If your pup is stressed and overwhelmed, he or she will be less likely to feel safe and secure while traveling in a travel crate.


With the Gulliver travel crate for smaller dogs, your pet can travel in style and comfort. The design of this pet carrier includes a large metal door with two side windows. It also comes with a water bowl and a handle for transport. It is approved for use on all European airlines.

This crate is made from durable PVC and polyester, and it is ideal for small breeds weighing 12 to 25 pounds. It also features accessory pockets for storing treats and other essentials. A top handle and a shoulder strap make it easy to carry your dog.

Another great feature of this travel crate is the reversible mat. This makes the crate ideal for both summer and winter. The polyester material keeps your dog cool in the summer, while the fleece material provides warmth in the winter. It is also durable, with steel construction frames and a reversible mat that is easy to fold for storage.

The Gulliver travel crate for smaller dogs is easy to set up and features a water-resistant base. Its washable cover is easily wiped clean between uses. It also comes with mesh panels for increased ventilation and a better view for your dog. The mesh panels are rounded to prevent snagging and provide additional ventilation. The crate is easily assembled and available in five sizes.

The Gulliver travel crate for smaller dogs is IATA-compliant, which means it meets the airline’s specifications for safety and security. It features two spacious storage compartments and is IATA-compliant. The Gulliver travel crate for small dogs comes with a food and water bowl, making it convenient for travel.


The Petsfit travel crate for small dogs offers a number of benefits for owners. It has a water-resistant base and is easy to clean with a removable washable cover. Its sturdy steel frame is strong and durable. The easy-to-set-up design means that it can be assembled in seconds. The crate is also built with mesh panels for increased ventilation and rounded corners to avoid scratches. The unit also comes with locking clips to ensure that your pet remains safe during travel.

The two-door Petsfit travel crate is easy to clean and is available in a range of colors. Its design is also attractive, allowing it to be used as an end table. It also features a softer fabric for the floor. It also comes with a lockable five-point system that prevents your dog from escaping.

Another advantage of the Petsfit travel crate is its size. It fits most small dogs that weigh between twelve and twenty pounds. Its size can be easily adjusted and it conforms to airline requirements. This sturdy wire carrier also doesn’t collapse or break, even during transport. Its nonslip carry handle makes it easy to carry. In addition, it has side pockets and self-lock zippers for added security.

Aside from small dog travel crates, Petsfit also makes cat carriers and cat litter boxes. Some of these products are very affordable, while others are more expensive. Ultimately, the price will depend on the features and quality. The most important consideration when choosing a travel crate is whether it’s comfortable for your dog. Foldable travel crates are convenient for travel, while more durable options are ideal for everyday use at home.

The Petsfit Travel Pet Home is available in three different sizes. There’s one that measures 28 inches in length. This travel crate is designed with mesh windows for maximum ventilation. A removable washable pad is included for extra convenience.

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