When you’re looking to buy a walk-behind lawn mower, it’s important to consider the type of terrain you’ll be working with. If you live in an area where there are hills, slopes, or other difficult terrains, then you’ll want to make sure that your mower has enough power to make it up these inclines without getting stuck or overheating.

When it comes to walking behind lawn mowers, the most important thing you can do is make sure you have the right mower for the job. If you need a mower that will work well on hills, you can find a walk-behind lawn mower for hills at many different stores and online.

When choosing a walk behind lawn mower for hills, there are several things that you should consider. First, consider how much weight your current mower is able to carry. If your current mower can’t carry enough weight to cut through taller grasses or longer blades of grass, then this may not be the best option for you. Second, consider whether or not your current mower has a good cutting height adjustment system and what type of deck it has (side discharge vs mulching vs bagging). Thirdly, think about whether or not this will fit into your budget as well as whether or not this fits into your needs.

The best walk-behind lawn mowers for hills are the ones that are easy to use, have a powerful engine, and can cut through thick grass.

It’s important to look at the features of each mower before you buy it. You want something that will be easy to operate and won’t take much effort on your part. A good walk behind lawn mower for hills should also have an engine that can easily cut through thick grass without bogging down or getting stuck.

Best Walk Behind Lawn Mower For Hills

Before you buy the best walk-behind lawn mower for hills, you should know what to look for. We have reviewed several models and discussed the pros and cons of each one. In this article, we’ll talk about the SKIL PWR CORE 40, the Snapper SXD, the Honda HRX217VLA, and the Troy-Bilt 382cc. Keep reading to find out what we think.


The SKIL PWR Core 40 walk-behind lawn mower is self-propelled and lightweight, with variable speeds, a bagger, and a push-button start. It features seven height settings, including a steep slope. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on the mower, battery, and charger. The unit retails for $479. To find out more, visit the manufacturer’s website.

The SKIL PWR Core 40 is equipped with a lithium battery, giving it industry-leading cutting performance and power without gas. The push-button start is convenient, and the battery charges from 0% to 30% in just 15 minutes. The telescoping handle allows for vertical storage, and the system is IPX4-rated for protection against dust and rain. In addition, the PWRJump charger helps charge the battery quickly, so you can keep it charged for long periods.

The SKIL PWR CORE 40 walk-behind lawn mower for hills features variable-speed operation and a 40-volt battery. Many consumers make the mistake of thinking that a higher voltage means more power. In reality, battery voltage is just one factor to consider when comparing different models. SKIL adapted its proven battery technology from other lines and went for a 40-volt platform.

Snapper XD

If you’re in the market for a walk behind a lawn mower for hills, the Snapper SXD is a great option. It has seven height-of-cut levels and weighs only 86 pounds. While it isn’t the lightest walk-behind lawn mower on the market, it’s well-built and suitable for small slopes. What’s more, it doesn’t require any cables, which is an added plus in a walk-behind mower.

Another great feature of the Snapper SXD walk-behind lawn mower is the high seat. Its 18-inch turning radius makes it perfect for lawns with gentle slopes. It also features a trigger switch for speed control. It also has vertical storage for easy transportation. The Snapper SXD walk-behind lawn mower for hills is a great choice for homeowners with a medium-sized yard.

Another major advantage of the Snapper SXD walk-behind lawn mower is its battery life, which is impressive in this price range. With this, it can cut up to three times faster than a gas-powered mower. It also features an optional self-propelling feature. This makes it the perfect choice for homeowners who live in hills and have limited mobility. And if you’re a homeowner with debilitating arthritis, you won’t regret buying this mower.

Honda HRX217VLA

The Honda HRX217VLA walk-behind mower for hills has many features to offer. This mower is easy to assemble, has a big bag capacity of 2.5 bushels, and features a Versamow system that makes it possible to mulch and bag grass clippings. It also boasts four cutting surfaces and a twin blade system. It is a strong mower with two starting methods.

The handlebar is adjustable to fit your preferred height and folds over the mower for easy storage. Its battery recharges from the alternator. When you’re finished, release the lever to cut the blades. Turning the start switch starts the engine and cuts the grass. The Honda HRX217VLA’s non-metal deck keeps your lawn clean and reduces the risk of slipping and rolling away.

This walking lawn mower for hills features a Versamow system and a two-blade design. The two-blade system allows for faster cutting and mulching while reducing the need for leaf bags. The deck is made of durable NeXite, which doesn’t corrode over time. Its grass bag is large and easy to empty. Hydrostatic cruise control is included, which allows for precise speed control. Unlike other walk-behind mowers, it features a fuel valve that can be shut off during storage or transportation and for performing maintenance.

The Honda HRX217VLA walk-behind mower is easy to operate and start. It has a pull starter and electric starting options. After reading the instructions, you can get started quickly. You can even fill the tank with gas or oil. The Honda HRX217VLA is a powerful machine that’s easy to use. But you can’t ignore its features. There are a plethora of options to choose from.

Troy-Bilt 382cc

If you want to cut your grass on steeper slopes and want the best walk behind a mower for hills, the Troy-Bilt 382cc model may be the right choice for you. This mower features a cutting deck that is 30 inches in diameter and an 18-inch turning radius. It is powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine with a 1,200-watt maximum output. It has a variable-speed select drive.

The engine system on this Troy-Bilt 382cc model features a manual power take-off system for consistent cutting. The blades are easy to handle and cover a wide area. The mower also features an auto choke engine, which eliminates the need for priming. It picks up in 6-speed transmission with an automatic choke. Its top speed is 4.25 MPH.

If you have a large lawn, it’s best to look for a mower with a larger engine. A 159cc engine may be too small for larger gardens, but it can tackle smaller ones with ease. If you don’t need to mow steeper slopes, then consider a 208cc Troy-Bilt walk-behind lawn mower. A Troy-Bilt 382cc walk-behind lawn mower will give you more power and maneuverability without sacrificing quality.

The Troy-Bilt 382cc is comfortable to use. The handle and the seat have armrests for comfort. The machine comes with a push start button for convenience. The mower has a reverse function, so you don’t have to worry about riding downhill. A 7-inch easy-roll composite wheel prevents spills. In addition to the standard transmission system, this walk-behind lawn mower is equipped with a rear brake.

Husqvarna LE221R

Getting the right lawn mower for your hills can be a challenge if your yard has a lot of terrains. A hilly lawn is cooler and provides an enjoyable outdoor atmosphere. But if you are unfamiliar with the hills in your area, you will be surprised by the challenges you face in mowing the grass. A bad mower will cause more damage than good and can even injure you. Luckily, the Husqvarna LE221R is the perfect choice for those homeowners with a hilly lawn.

This battery-powered walk-behind lawn mower offers a range of features, including self-propulsion, large rear wheels, and a mulching insert. This self-propelled mower can cut a slope up to 4 inches and comes with a two-year warranty. The Husqvarna LE221R self-propelled mower is also easy to use, has a user-friendly control panel, and is manufactured in the US from global parts.

A high-cc engine will handle your steeper yards and steep terrain more efficiently, while a lower cc engine will handle smaller yards. The cc of a lawn mower is measured in cubic centimeters, so the higher the cylinder size, the more power it has. You can find a cc mower that’s right for your needs by comparing the size of your yard to the cutting width. You’ll also want to choose a mower that can handle your yard within a reasonable amount of time.


When you want to mow your lawn but don’t want to take up much space, the Toro walk behind lawn mower for hills may be the answer. With its rear-wheel drive system, this mower can easily handle a half-acre or acre-sized lawn. It also comes with the proper traction for uneven grass. However, there is a small maintenance schedule that you should keep in mind. You can follow the following guidelines to maintain a Toro mower for hills.

First, you need to check out the cutting width. You should choose a mower with a 50-inch cutting width if you have a large yard. The Toro zero-turn mower will be more efficient if your yard is larger than a half-acre. However, it may not be the best choice for smaller yards. If your yard is larger than a half-acre, you may want to choose the Toro zero-turn mower. It has a maximum speed of eight miles per hour, and a comfortable seat with padded levers.

Another important feature of a hilly landscape is the ability to mow in tight places. The small engine in a walk-behind mower isn’t as powerful as one used for flat areas. Because of this, you may need to use some elbow grease when mowing a hilly landscape. However, it’s worth noting that these mowers are generally easy to use. The Toro Recycler 21466 SmartStow comes with nine cutting positions and is push-start compatible. This mower produces ultra-fine clippings.

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