The. meat and bone meal price are derived from suitable sources that have been proven scientifically as nutritious and beneficial. They include plant extracts and scientifically synthesized ingredients to promote optimal growth and productivity of the animals. These. meat and bone meal price are produced using highly regulated and controlled processes that guarantee optimal benefits. The. meat and bone meal price vendors on the site comprise certified manufacturers and suppliers to assure all shoppers that high-quality standards are complied with.

Uses/benefits of Bone Meal

Meat and bone meal is light yellow to brown oily powder, liquid, and a natural odor-bone meal, poultry out of raw materials in addition to seasonal and harmless disposal of animal carcass (including special breeding animals), the by the meat and bone meal produced by indicators from the preparation. No occurrence of the disease components of animal tissue, superior product performance, indicators of stability in feed processing enterprises of their protein, calcium, phosphorus, energy operators into the formula, and fully rational utilization and reduce feed costs and increase economic.

Features of Bone Meal

  • Material:Other, Color:Fertilizers & Plant Food
  • Item Dimension: 8 cm x 5 cm x 1 cm
  • Package Contents:1 Pack
  • Organic manure
  • High quantity of phosporus
  • Soil application


Nutrition Factor:
Corn Gluten Meal
Protein :60-70%
Moisture:10% (Max)
Fat: 4-8%
Sand Silica: 2% (Max)
M Energy (KCal / KG) 3200
Pepsin Digestibility 85-90

Product Specification

Pack TypeHDPE bag
Product TypeOrganic
Packaging Size50 Kg
Product Code23011010
Ph BalancedYes
Minimum Order Quantity50 Kg

Prices of Bone Meal

$365.00-$489.00/ Metric Ton

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