Brazil Nuts Whole Foods

There really is nothing like organic Brazil nuts. They’re an excellent source of protein and fibre, can be eaten raw, roasted or salted, or alternatively added to ice cream, desserts and nut mixes. The wonderful yielding crunch and fantastic full flavour of these 100% organic Brazil nuts makes them perfect for dipping in chocolate too.Brazil Nuts may not be as popular as other nuts, but don’t be fooled – these little fellas are packed with just as much nutrition. Native to the Amazonian rain forests of South America, Brazil Nuts are one of the richest known natural food sources of selenium, an important dietary mineral. They’re also a good source of magnesium. Fresher ingredients simply taste better, which is why this product is packaged using NOW Fresh Fill Technology to maximize flavor and freshness.


These Brazil Nuts by OliveNation have no shell and are ready to eat. You can either snack on them or use them in cooking and baking to create a number of foods. Unlike other nuts, this Brazil nut snack has all nine essential amino acids, making them a complete protein. They?re a delicious source of protein for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Per serving, Brazil Nuts have 4g of protein and 2g of fiber. They?re also high in selenium, magnesium and other nutrients. The taste and texture of these delicious nuts is sure to remind you of biting into coconut meat. They taste rich, and almost creamy. In terms of cooking and baking, these nuts can be used like macadamia nuts. They can be chopped for use with cookies, biscotti, dessert bars, muffins and brownies; put in a fruit cake; use to create trail mix; place in couscous, quinoa, salad and rice dishes. You can even use them to bake banana nut bread for yourself or the whole crew.

Benefits of Brazil Nuts Whole Foods

  • Whole, Raw
  • Excellent Source of Selenium
  • NOW Real Food Organic Brazil Nuts have a uniquely rich, appealing flavor, and they’re often used as a substitute for macadamia nuts and even coconut in recipes. Mix them with other nuts for a nutrient-dense and delicious snack.
  • Serving Size: About 5 nuts (19 g) / Servings Per Container: About 15
  • Packaged in the USA by a family owned and operated company since 1968

Features of Brazil Nuts Whole Foods

NOW Foods Brazil Nuts, Raw, come in a 12-oz resealable pouch. They are easy to carry wherever you go for a quick and tasty snack. These unsalted brazil nuts could be used to cook with or to add texture and taste to a favorite dessert. Brazil nuts can be known as para nuts, and they’re the seeds of a tropical tree called Bertholletia excelsa. This tree is native to the Amazon River basin of South America. Brazil nuts are a nutritious choice as they’re the richest-known food source of selenium. Chop up a few and use them as a garnish, add them to trail mix for a boost or just enjoy them on their own.
NOW Foods Brazil Nuts, Raw, 12 oz:

  • NOW raw not roasted
  • Whole Brazil nut bag
  • Refrigeration recommended after opening to ensure freshness

Prices of Brazil Nuts Whole Foods

$390.00S$400.00/ Metric Ton

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