Broiler Concentrate Feed Price

As a broiler farmer, Feed Convergence Ratio (FCR) is everything. With our broiler concentrate, our clients get a better FCR while achieving a 2KG bird within 5 weeks. Furthermore, our customers encounter lower mortality rates and likewise less medical costs. Do you have a feed mill or access to one? With our broiler concentrate, you are the boss of your feed and can closely monitor which raw materials go in. Our concentrates uniquely contain all essential vitamins, nutrients and come with an easy to follow mixing instruction. On the contrary, don’t want the hassle of buying raw materials on the open market? No worries, in this case, our complete feeds contain everything you need to achieve the best results with your flock. In short, the choice is yours!

composition of Broiler Concentrate Feed

Premixture for Broilers 2.5%Analytical constituents Crude ash 71.0% Crude protein 20.3% Crude fiber 0.83% Crude fat 0.40% Calcium 14.7% Magnesium 0.48% Sodium 6.40% Phosphorus 4.53% Lysine 73.8 g/kg Methionine 82.7 g/kg Threonine 1.3 g/kg Tryptophan 0.4 g/kg Composition: Calcium carbonate, Mono calcium phosphate, sodium chloride, soy flour (produced from GM soy flour), wheat flour. Additives (per kg) Nutritional additives Trace elements 2.400 mg Fe (E1 Iron (II) sulphate monohydrate). 80mg I (3b201 Potassium iodate anhydrous). 600mg Cu (E4 Cupric (II) sulphate – pentahydrate). 3,200mg Mn (E5 Manganous (II) oxide). 2,400mg Zn (3b605 Zinc sulphate mono hydrate). 12mg Se (E8 Sodium Selenite). Vitamins: 400,000 IU vitamin A (3a672a retinyl acetate). 120,000 IU vitamin D3 (E671). 2,000 mg vitamin E (3a 700 dl- tocopherol). 100mg vitamin K3 (3a710 Menadione sodium bi-sulphate). 120mg vitamin B1 (3a 821) Thiamine mononitrate). 300mg vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). 500mg vitamin B5 (3a841 Calcium -d- pantothenate). 2.000mg vitamin B3 (3a315) Niacinamide). 200mg vitamin B6 (3a631) Pyridoxine hydrochloride). 1,200mcg vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin). 60mg vitamin B9 (3a316 folic acid). 20.000 mg vitamin B4 (3a890) choline chloride). 6.000 mg vitamin H (3a880 biotin). Coccidiostats 2,400mg Salinomycin sodium (51766) Direction of use This premixture may be incorporated in feed for broilers of different stages of production, the advised inclusion rate should be 25 kg per ton of feed

Features of Broiler Concentrate Feed

Specially formulated and uniquely enriched with performance-enhancing additives for making broiler feed (broiler finisher mash).

  • It is formulated using the latest tools and machinery in compliance with prevailing quality and industry standards.
  • This range is widely appreciated for its longer shelf life, high nutritional content and excellent quality.
  • Concentrates range from 5% inclusion to 50 % inclusion.
  • We offer the 30% inclusion concentrate
  • The 40% broiler finisher concentrate contains a high-quality protein source, crude fibre, crude ash, and other necessary vitamins and minerals necessary for improved performance in growing broilers.
  • This range is widely appreciated for its optimum quality, hygienic processing, and easily digestible nature.
  • It contains all micro ingredients and proteins in a well-mixed concentrate.
  • In addition, it optimizes the performance and persistence of broilers with high peak meat production.

Benefits of using broiler concentrates

These are:

  • Specially formulated and uniquely enriched with performance-enhancing additives for making broiler feed.
  • High feed to meat conversion ratio.
  • High feed utilization.


Functionpoultry premix
product namevitamin , mineral  ,Methionine, Lysine
Animal Typelayer broiler
Product advanta100tons one day
Self Life2Years

Prices of Broiler Concentrate Feed

$145.00-$330.00/ Metric Ton

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