Burdizzo Castrator For Bull

Burdizzo Castrator For Bull :A Burdizzo is a specially designed clamp that is used to physically crush the testicular cord through the scrotal skin. This trauma disrupts the testicular blood supply, causing the testes to die. With this technique, the scrotum remains intact, the testes eventually shrink down, and the animal becomes sterile. This technique is becoming less common in the cattle industry. Compared to surgical castration, this method takes longer and has a higher failure rate (up to 35%), particularly with old or poorly maintained equipment. Castration is a common practice, however there may be risks, including pain, swelling, bleeding, and infection. Reduce risks by using proper techniques, clean tools, adhering to a proper vaccination protocol, and castrating animals when they are young.


The Burdizzo is a castration device which employs a large clamp designed to break the blood vessels leading into the testicles. Once the blood supply to the testicles is lost, testicular necrosis occurs, and the testicles shrink, soften, and eventually deteriorate completely.


  • Castration Plier for Bloodless Castration, Burdizzo Style
  • Crushes the spermatic cords but does not break the skin or the arteries to scrotum. Thus no blood and less risk of fly-strike.
  • Net Weight 1 lb 5oz or above
  • 9 Inches Length – 1 1/4″ jaw length
  • High Quality Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel


Brand Namesurgicalonline
Item Weight1.00 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Number of Items1
Part Number#ss_bcp_9
Specification Met
UNSPSC Code41000000


$55.88 – $220.99

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