Burdizzo Castrator Veterinary Instruments

Bloodless Burdizzo Castrator is a kind of veterinary surgical instruments, used for male livestock castration surgery.The instrument by livestock across the scrotum hard pinch off animals spermatic cord surgery method to achieve, do not need on livestock scrotal incision, therefore calls “bloodless castration.Is a kind of relatively advanced veterinary apparatus and instruments. The bloodless castration won’t directly destroy male pig testicles. The spermatic cord, blood vessel and ligaments groups fully fall off by the large shear force of pliers edge through the scrotum. The testicles of pig gradually wither without blood supply and necrosis.


The Burdizzo is a castration device which employs a large clamp designed to break the blood vessels leading into the testicles. When the device is used, the operator crushes the spermatic cords one at a time, leaving a space in between in order to prevent an interruption of blood-flow to the scrotum.


Product Features & Description
Castrators, Emasculators & Spaying Instruments
Name Of ProductBurdizzo Bloodless Castrator
MaterialStainless Steel
Model No & SizeRA-04-130-09   9”
RA-04-130-12   12”RA-04-130-14   14”RA-04-130-16   16”RA-04-130-18   18”RA-04-130-19   19”
ColorSliver with Black Handle
FinishMirror/Satin Finish
PackingEach Pcs Packed in a Poly Bag, 2 Pcs Packed in Card Board Box and 10 Boxes Packed in a Master Cartons orPacking according to Customer Demand.
Large Animal


Item nameveterinary castrator
Usagecastrated surgery
ApplicationPig, sheep etc
MaterialStainless steel


24.18 – $54.00

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