Burdizzo Clamp For Cattle: Emasculatome (Burdizzo). The burdizzo can be utilized as a bloodless method of castration. This method shuts off the blood supply to the testicle and causes the testicle to be reabsorbed if properly done. The clamping procedure is completed the best when the bull calf is standing and restrained with a tail hold. Prior to starting, make sure the burdizzo closes or clamps down properly. Then use the instrument to crush each cord individually. As the calf is restrained place a cord to the outside of the scrotum wall and clamp about midway between the testicle and the scrotum- belly wall junction. Hold the burdizzo with one hand on the far handle and the other handle against ones knee. With the free hand check to see that the cord has not slipped out and be sure not clamp part of the inner quarter of the calf or the tail. Close the burdizzo and hold for a few seconds. Then clamp the other cord using a gap of uncrushed scrotum and prevent it from falling off. DISADVANTAGES of this method is that the result can easily be clamped bulls that are stags. This can be due to improper technique or equipment (a sprung burdizzo).


1.Easy operating

2. Good safety 

3.  Post opertative care is simple


Burdizzo Clamp For Cattle :Less harm, main recommendation of farm Simple operation of bloodless castration Stainless steel bloodless castration forceps Product material: stainless steel, high quality rubber[statement] because many customers think the wooden handle of the Castrator is easy to split, Now the product is upgraded to rubber handle, which is more durable. Product specification: total length: 38cm; maximum opening distance of jaw: 3cm; weight: 1.5kgApplicable objects: Cattle Instructions for use: use the cutting edge of forceps to separate the spermatic cord, blood vessels and blood vessels of livestock from the scrotum. The ligament and other tissues are broken once, so that the testicles are gradually necrotic without blood supply To castrate male livestock.


roduct Name:Burdizzo Castrator Clamp
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