Completely equipped: soil nutrient rapid measuring instrument This instrument integrates medicine, instrument and instrument, and is convenient to carry, which is equivalent to a small laboratory. It is suitable for agricultural service departments, agricultural material distributors, fertilizer manufacturers, soil testing and fertilization, and identification of true and false fertilizers.The operation is simple and fast, and the finished medicine can be used immediately after opening the bottle without configuration. Reliable performance: the working stability is better than the national standard JJG179-90 index 6 times, and the repeatability reaches the index level of the grating spectrophotometer.

Suitable for gardening use, although we are apt to think that proper amounts of manure and moisture added to the soil are sufficient for vegetables growth, excessive acidity or alkalinity or moisture deficiencies will inhibit the effective absorption of nutriments. – Therefore, to grow good crops, careful attention must be paid to relationship between soil acidity and moisture.- This meter will give you accurate readings of the pH in your soil and with the press of a button it will let you know how moist your soil is to help prevent you from over watering.- An excellent gardening accessory for those gardeners that tend to over water and those that want to keep a close eye on their pH level.
– This product is manufactured in Japanese standards.

Soil Nutrient Analyzer can quickly test the N, P, K, organic matter, salinity and PH in the soil, fertilizer and plants. The machine can store and print data, has complete chemicals which are for free at the first time.


1. “Chassis/medicament integrated aluminum alloy case” design, easy to carry, sturdy and durable, supporting finished medicine.

2. Microcomputer control, digital circuit, programmed design, liquid crystal display, AC and DC dual use, can be tested in the field, greatly reducing the operator’s error and labor intensity.

3, resolution: 0.001, touch button, built-in thermal printer, can print test results.

4. It can detect available nitrogen, available phosphorus, available potassium, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium, organic matter content, soil pH, and salt content in soil and chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers, and plants (extended).

5. The soil nutrient tachometer uses high-brightness LED lights as the light source and silicon semiconductor as the signal receiving system, with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. The light source is stable and the consistency is good.

6. The colorimetric tank part adopts single-channel and dual-optical path design, no mechanical displacement and wear, and precise positioning of the optical path test to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.


pH technical parameterTesting range1-14
Salinity technical parameterTesting range0.01%-1.00%
Soil Nutrient technical parameterStabilityAbsorbency of light drift<0.003
RepeatabilityAbsorbency of light<0.005
Linearity errorsRed light for Copper sulfate, and blue light for potassium bichromate < 3.0%
SensitivityRed light4.5×10(-5) Blue light≥3.17×10(-3)
Wavelength rangeRed light 620+4nm; Blue light440+4nm
Anti-Knocking performancequalified
Moisture technical parameter
Moisture unitm³/m³
Testing range0-100%
Instrument technical parameterDisplay modeLCD display
Working environment0~40°C 35~85%RH
Alternating current(AC)220V50Hz

Prices of Burpee Soil Tester :

$611.00 – $1,050.00

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