Burr Mill Feed Grinder  burr mill uses two plates to grind your meal or feed. I would say that most of them use cast iron burrs, but I would suspect that there are a few around with stone burrs. The ones with the stone burrs would be more likely intended to be used for cornmeal and flour production. If they have a cob-buster they will grind ear corn quite well, it’s just getting the pieces small enough to get between the burrs to be ground. I can”t imagine there being an upside to them. The mill would have to have a big set of burrs (probably 48 to 56 inches) to keep up with the output of a modern grinder mixer (hammer mill), but were talking gristmill sized burrs there, I doubt you would find anything that big on a farm, that was intended for grinding feed.

Uses/benefits of Burr Mill Feed Grinder:

The feed grinder machine is used in food, crop dry and straw smashing processing can also be used for potato beating,the livestock feed grinder can grind all kinds of materials of pellet feed, such as corn, sorghum, grain, legumes, corn cob,dry wheat straw,rice husk,wheat brans,small tree branches,and others.

Features of Burr Mill Feed Grinder:

 Replace imported machine with the international advanced type, the real droplets;

2, Ordinary grinding can be performed, but also for fine crushing and fine crushing. Widely used in large and medium-sized feed mills, high quality feed production and alcohol plant, citric acid factory, food factory, etc.

3, Finished product granularity more fine and uniform: Φ3 mm sieve can reachΦ2 mm mesh fineness, Selects imported SKF high quality bearing, low operating temperature rise;

4, Φ 3 mm sieve, crushed corn (moisture content 13% or less) electricity production 213 kg, reached the international advanced level; (grinding particle size 0.48 mm).

5, Compared with weight is lighter and fat content is higher, it greatly improves the sieving rate, yield than other shredder similar power increased by 15% ~ 20%; Discharging unobstructed, high efficiency.

6, The machine uses motor direct drive, scientific and reasonable hammer sieve clearance, crushing chamber adopts the secondary crushing technology.

7, Selects the import high quality bearing, low energy consumption, high output, and repair rate up to a minimum. Bring their own guide pulley mobile open form, convenient operation and maintenance

Specification of Burr Mill Feed Grinder:

ModelPower(KW)Capacity(T/H)Rotor diameter(MM)Rotate speed(RPM) Weight (KG)

Prices of Burr Mill Feed Grinder:

$299.00 – $1,150.00

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