Cabrio Top  Fungicide is[ Metiram 55% + Pyraclostrobin 5% WG] improves the quality and yield of your crop with its superior disease control. With its advanced plant health benefits, it gives longer duration protection with lesser sprays.


With the help of professionals, our firm is accomplished to provide Cabrio Top Fungicidein diverse specifications. Our presented products are enormously employed owing to their longer service life and durability.Cabrio Top is a fungicide by BASF India Ltd. It contains metiram (55%) and pyraclostrobin (5% WG) chemicals. It is used to control the diseases caused by fungus in tomato, potato, chili, onion, etc. In addition, it is also useful in the control of Sigatoka in banana.

Uses/benefits of Cabrio Top Fungicide

  • Broad-spectrum disease control
  • Longer duration control
  • Enjoy its AgCelence® benefits: Improvement in quality & yield of your crop.

How it works

Cabrio® Top blocks the energy supply of the fungus so it does not spread further in the plant. With its unique mode of action, it penetrates fast in the leaf tissues and deposits in the waxy layer, ensuring a longer protection duration.

Action mode:

– blocks the energy supply of the pathogenic fungus, stopping it from spreading into the rest of the plant;
– penetrates the leaf tissues and deposits the active substance into the waxy layer, for a longer protection period.

The product uses two active substances to combat diseases in apples, pears, and vines. It provides reliable, uniform protection of the plant thanks to its translaminar movement and systemic action. It can fight against a wide range of diseases, and also provides a vitalizing effect on the vine, helping you achieve a larger yield. The insecticide should be applied as a preventive method but can be used for the entire period of susceptibility of the vine to the disease.

Methods of application:

It comes in the form of highly soluble granules that can be used with any low-pressure sprayer on apples, pears, vines, and tomatoes.
Recommended volume of water: 1000 l water/ha.
Foliar and on fruit.
Dose: 1.5-2 kg / ha.
Break time:
– Vine – 35 days;
– Tomatoes – 7 days.

Product Specification

FormWettable Powder
Packaging Size600 Gm
CropChilli Mango Tomato
Weight600 Gm 3 Kg
Minimum Order Quantity10 Bottle

Price of Cabrio Top Fungicide

$42.95 – $119.95

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