This jordain calf headlock is based on the renowned jourdain safety IV yoke. Combined with an optional tip-able trough, this creates the ideal feeding solution for batch rearing calves They can guarantee feeding of cows, milking, and fixing, in addition to a host of other functions. Due to accurate design and standard open, it is easy and safe for the animals to access. The offered equipment can be used to restrain cattle and heifers for dehorning, vaccinations, and other medical procedures. It has a simple structure, the operation is really simple and convenient.Vertical tubes are notched to maintain strength Heavy bushing in the swing tube to reduce wear, Panel Height – 36″, Panel length – custom fit 30″ to 12′ (22″-24″ needed per head lock).


Calf Headlocks the competitive eating environment of free stall housing, stocking density is by far the leading contributor to competition along the feed bunk. That being said, the type of railing installed in a free stall can either complicate or ease competition during peak feeding times


  • Suitable for calves up to 6 months
  • Fully adjustable collar width
  • Calf guards on each position
  • Adjustable ends for easy fitting
  • Shown with optional tipping bucket trough (available separately)
  • Heavy-duty construction, with solid and stable main bracket.
  • Due to rubber damping sets, noise could be highly reduced.
  • It is labor-saving and effective.
  • The lock on each yoke allows each animal to be retained or removed individually.
  • Due to accurate design and standard open, it is easy and safe for the animal to access.
  • Cow-friendly design for easy entry and exit-easy, head adjustment with no tools required.
  • With a scientific and reasonable pillar and adjustable pole, the animal feels more comfortable.
  • High tensile tubing.
  • Hot dipped galvanized finish, instead of paint.
  • This kind of animal feed fence could achieve group locking and also a single manual release.


CodeSize (metres)Head SpacesOptional Trough
VE25500.601 SpacesN/A
VE25512.004 SpacesVE2404
VE25522.505 SpacesVE2405
VE25533.006 SpacesVE2406
VE25544.008 SpacesVE2407
VE25555.0010 SpacesVE2408


$145.00 – $370.00

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