Calf Weigh Scale Kit includes 220 lb. capacity hanging scale, scale support beam, and calf weighing sling. Heavy duty hanging scale weighs up to 220 lbs. in 2 lb. increments. Tough ABS plastic scale case houses a 5.9″ dial. Scale support beam is designed to fit in pickup stake pocket. Beam is made from 1” square steel tubing with powder-coated finish. Calf weighing sling is constructed of heavy nylon mesh and measures 19 1/2″ x 12″. Slips around calf’s belly. Easy to clean, won’t rot or deteriorate. Each piece may also be ordered separately.

1-2-3 calves scale is a weighing system for electronic weight sensing of individual animals with an automatic animal identification and data acquisition. For automatic identification of animal ensures the Mulitreader (FDX / HDX – antenna) from Förster-Technik. This antenna is fully integrated into the design of the animal scale and brings an excellent recognition rate. This allows a simple storage of the animal weights with the associated identifiers of the calves. The data transfer to the PC is easily possible with a USB stick. On the PC, the data can be output in an Excel spreadsheet or imported to the KalbManagerWIN. The transfer to the calf feeders via the KalbManagerWIN is possible. The energy supply of the calves scale occurs via a removable battery

Uses/benefits of Calf Weigh Scales:

Only one person is required to weigh the calves due to the lever mechanism (remote unlocking) used to open the front gate. The indicator has been developed specifically for weighing animals. The display and keypad are reduced to a minimum and do not have additional confusing functions. You switch it on, weigh, store the data and that’s it. You can transfer the data to the USB stick at any time.

Features of Calf Weigh Scales:

  • Made entirely of V2a-grade stainless steel
  • Capacity up to 300 kg (weighing technology up to 3,000 kg)
  • RFIDtransponder from Förster-Technik (FDX / HDX antenna)
  • Step height only 35 mm; non-slip slatted floor
  • Waterproof stainless steel indicator with large 30 mm display
  • Simple single-handed operation of the entrance gate
  • Remote unlocking – the front gate can be controlled remotely by a lever mechanism
  • Two large rubber wheels (150 mm) and one retractable guide wheel mounted on the front for easy transportation
  • Animal weighing software for accurate weighing even of restless animals
  • Integrated battery with automatic, power-saving switch-off feature for up to 50 hours of continuous operation
  • Data transfer possibility of weight, animal number, date and time on a USB stick
  • The data can be easily transferred to the PC by means of a USB stick
  • Dimensions 1600 x 525 x 900 mm
  • Total weight: 62 kg

Specification of Calf Weigh Scales:

Item No.LPS-C111
MODELLPC-C111 Carbon steel
MaterialCarbon Steel
Static accuracy level: Level III Roughness: better than 1 / 1000 Safety overload: ≧ 150% Limit Overload: ≧ 200% Measurement
method: dynamic measurement Identification force: when the load change is equivalent to 1.4d, the original displayed number
changes not less than 1d Operating temperature range: Instrument: -10℃ ~ + 45℃ sensor: -40℃ ~ + 65℃ Relative humidity adapted to
the working environment: ≤ 95% Operating voltage: 220v ± 10%, with a frequency of 50hz.

Prices of Calf Weigh Scales:

$229.00 – $1,270.00

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