Cardboard Egg Crate are made from molded pulp which is a mix of recycled papers, cardboard and other materials. … Styrofoam is widely used in products from construction materials to kitchen plates. While Styrofoam cartons can’t be recycled, there are many creative uses to give a Styrofoam carton a second life. Biodegradable Pulp Fiber Egg Flats is a great item for any farmer to have to be able store his eggs in a safe and practical way. These flats are large and biodegradable and provide maximum protection against egg breakage. They are made of solid pressed fiber for added stability, and it is easy to shake debris out of these flats. Plus, they don’t have the offensive odor that most egg flats have! The trays can be stacked flat one on top of another, saving you much needed space and are a safe and transportation- friendly to use.

They have many uses besides for storing eggs such as a home for your bug colony, fire starters, and to use as sound proofing or acoustics. These trays make a great addition to a farmer’s market, backyard sale, or natural foods store!


  • EXTRA LARGE CARTONS: These rustic egg cartons are perfecting for storing and securing eggs of any sizes, big or small. Have extra eggs and no place to put them? These cartons can snugly store up to thirty eggs of any size! Stock up on chicken eggs or keep your duck eggs safe in this perfectly secure container.
  • EXCELLENT MATERIAL: Made of high quality biodegradable pulp fiber with solid pressed fiber. The sturdiness and thickness ensures no breakage while transporting or lifting. These cartons are even more durable than the ones used in local stores!
  • REUSABLE: Cartons are sturdy enough that they will hold up to their multiple uses. Solid pressed fiber offers resistance to tear and wear keeping these cartons in perfect condition. You can use it over and over again and it will still be as good as new!
  • BUG COLONY: These trays make great homes for your bug colonies. Insects will love hiding in these flats or climbing up on them. Use them for your cricket, mealworm, or roach colony.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: Great idea for Arts and Crafts classroom projects or seed trays. They can also be used to store small machine parts, bath bombs, or little surprises like stickers, prizes, or candy. Use them at the bottom of your plants for a decomposable light filler to make it easier to maneuver and transport your plants.


Brand NameMT Products
Fabric TypePulp Fiber
Item Weight1.87 pounds
Model NumberEGGFLAT15
Part NumberEGGFLAT15
UNSPSC Code52150000


$14.89 – $45.99

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