Cardell Veterinary Monitor

State-of-the-art Midmark diagnostic and multiparameter monitors provide the gold standard in efficient, accurate patient monitoring. Our family of total monitoring solutions features Cardell® BP technology, veterinary-specific algorithms and unique, staff-friendly features that make it easier to get reliable, precise readings, even in cats.

Features of Cardell Veterinary Monitor

Featuring veterinary-specific algorithms that provide quick, accurate and consistent readings, the Cardell® Insight Diagnostic Monitor is useful in all areas of a veterinary practice, including exam, treatment, surgery and recovery. It can monitor patients in the field or those being transferred within the clinic.

  • 7″ touch screen display
  • Exclusive Cardell® BP technology
  • Optional Nellcor® SpO2
  • 3-animal specific alarm settings
  • Automatic trend capture
  • 2-year limited warranty

Benefits of Cardell Veterinary Monitor

  • Small in volume、light in weight and convenient in carrying
  • 2.4” High Resolution Color TFT LCD
  • ECG,Spo2,Temp,NIBP, Respire ,Heat rate
  • 1800 mAh lithium battery inside,12 hours continuous work.
  • Bluetooth inside, can be connected with other smart devices.
  • Can be used to test family pets and for animal hospitals, clinics and farms
  • Features an easy-to-use 1-touch operation
  • High-definition color LCD display
  • Stores measured results with the date and time
  • Pet care supplies from CONTEC


Operation systemIOS,Android
ECGWaveform: Lead I
RespScope :0bpm to 100bpm;
TempScope: 20℃-50℃
NIBPSystolic blood pressure: 4kPa-34kPa(30-255mmHg);Diastolic pressure: 2kPa-29.3kPa(15-220mmHg)
SpO2Detection scope: 35%-100%
Heart rateScope: 15bpm to 300bpm

Prices of Cardell Veterinary Monitor

$45.00-$75.00/ Piece

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