Carlson Agility Equipment was founded in 2001 by a group of coaches who were looking for a new way to train their athletes. They wanted to create a training tool that could provide a comprehensive approach to agility training, and the Carlson Agility Trainer was born.

The Carlson Agility Trainer is an innovative piece of equipment that allows you to work on all aspects of agility at once, speed, agility, coordination, balance, and power. It’s ideal for any athlete who needs to improve their performance on the field or court, but it’s also great for anyone who wants an intense workout with quick results.

The Carlson Agility Trainer features a rotating disc that allows you to practice jumping over obstacles and tightropes without risk of injury or damage to your body (since there are no actual objects involved). The revolving disc allows you to work on specific skills like jumping over hurdles or low bars in order to improve your technique quickly. It’s also great for group exercise classes because the discs can be set up so that everyone has access at once, meaning that everyone can see what they’re doing and how they stack up against one another.

Carlson Agility Equipment

Carlson Agility Equipment offers a wide selection of exercise equipment for beginners to advanced competitors. This equipment includes tires, weave poles, and blind crosses. They are ideal for beginners and provide a safe, fun place to train. You can even compete in nationals with your dog. These pieces of equipment are a great way to get your dog involved in an activity that promotes teamwork, communication, and trust.

Beginner’s agility training

Beginner’s agility training often begins at home with tunnels and tunnel holders. Weave poles are another popular at-home obstacle, and you can find many of them online. You can also build your own agility equipment with PVC pipes. These tips will help you set up and use your equipment to train your dog.

Start with simple training methods and move on to more advanced ones once you’ve reached a good level. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your dog can pick up on agility tricks. The whole process will be a fun game for both you and your dog. Your friends and family will enjoy watching your dog run through weaves and leap through tire jumps.

If you’re new to the sport and want to start your training with basic equipment, there are a few brands you can trust. Agility by Carlson is one company that sells major pieces of agility equipment. It also offers starter kits for beginner agility training. You can also find a wealth of dog agility information on Clean Run, a website that publishes the popular Clean Run magazine. This website also sells agility equipment and competition supplies. You can even find books about the sport to help you improve your training.

When it comes to selecting agility equipment, you should consider your dog’s temperament. An agility dog should be active and love to run, respond to instructions, and socialize with other dogs. In addition, it is essential for the owner to make sure your dog is happy and well-behaved.

Weave poles

Weave poles are one of the most complex obstacles in dog agility competitions, yet they are also one of the most fun. You can use these agility poles with dogs of all levels of agility training, from beginners to highly experienced competitors. You can position these poles in an offset pattern for beginners or in a straight line for more advanced dogs. The poles are portable and come with a carry bag to make storage convenient. The poles feature an adjustable base that allows you to adjust their heights. You can use the poles as single poles or in pairs and connect them in straight or offset configurations to create complex courses.

To train your dog to weave, you should first teach your dog the proper entry technique. To do this, hold a treat close to your dog’s snout and lead them through the poles. As your dog learns the correct entry and exit, you can move the poles closer together and increase your dog’s speed. If your dog is still unsure of the right way to enter the weave, you can also attach a training wire to the weave poles. This will prevent your dog from entering the weave poles incorrectly.

Competition weave poles are available in six, eight, and twelve-pole sets. They are made of durable steel channels. They are lightweight and easy to assemble, and they break into two sections for easy transport. They also double as 2×2 training poles. They are also finished with wrinkle-finish black powder coat paint.

Depending on your dog’s agility level, weaving poles can be challenging for your dog. It can take a while to train your dog to do this skill. Puppies have limited attention spans, and longer training sessions can be hard on their bodies. Hence, it is recommended that you teach your dog to weave poles only when he or she has fully grown.

Tire jump

A tire jump is a common agility obstacle. Although it may seem easy for a dog to navigate, a number of dogs are unable to successfully navigate a tire jump and instead go under or around it. For this reason, training your dog to jump over this obstacle is essential. To help your dog overcome this hurdle, here are some tips:

The Standard Tire Jump is the AKC competition size and features a 24″ center opening. It features six height adjustments, an 8″ space between the tire and the frame, and easy-to-follow assembly instructions. It comes fully assembled and shipped to your home. It’s a good choice for beginners and advanced competitors alike.

When introducing a new obstacle, it’s best to focus on making it as fun and easy as possible for the dog. If your dog knows how to sit, for example, you can put a treat or toy through the tire and gently coax it to jump through it. Once your dog is confident with this jump, try moving it about 6 feet away and practicing it several times. This will help your dog develop the proper balance.

Blind cross

The Blind Cross Carlson agility equipment is a versatile tool for handling and training agility dogs. Its unique design allows the dog to make a complete 360-degree turn and is a great tool for agility dogs with limited mobility. The Blind Cross Carlson equipment is easy to use and is very versatile.

The Blind Cross Carlson equipment is designed to teach your dog to move across the course while following the Handler Line. The Handler Line determines the most efficient location for the dog to cross an obstacle. The Handler Line can be as close as 18-24 inches from the plane of the obstacle. The Handler Line allows the dog to change Lead Legs as required.

Agility is a fun team sport involving a variety of challenging obstacles. Agility is judged on speed and accuracy. The dogs must complete the course within a certain time, and complete each obstacle in the right order. All dogs can participate, from small to large. The course is divided according to height to equalize the playing field among different-sized dogs.

Agility tunnels are a staple of agility equipment. They help your dog get over obstacles and move faster. They are UV-stabilized PVC and are specially designed for agility. They will help the dog learn how to navigate a dog walk, teeter, A-frame, and tire-jump.

Pause table

When you purchase the pause table for your Carlson agility equipment, you will be able to use it to train your dog on table tops. This is especially beneficial for puppies and small dogs that may be wary of agility equipment. The pause table provides your dog with an opportunity to sniff the table before learning how to use it. This will help your dog stay focused on his task.

The Pause Table is made of durable PVC Schedule 40 with a 36″ square top. It has 4 height settings and is approved by the AKC and USDAA. You can adjust the height from eight to twenty inches to meet the needs of any dog. The PVC frame is weatherproof and will not warp when placed outdoors.

The Pause Table is also available with a rubber surface. These are available for both new and used equipment and will improve traction and speed. This model will also convert into a crossover configuration if you want to change it up a bit. Other useful accessory for the Pause Table is the Contact Trainer Combo and Mini A-Frame Combo.

The pause table is an excellent piece of Carlson agility equipment for training your dog’s obedience skills. When your dog has mastered the commands on the leash, you can practice these commands from a distance. You should gradually increase the distance until the dog can obey the commands at distances of a few feet.

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