Most cattle are transported by truck at least once during their lifetime. During transit, calves become stressed and thus are more susceptible to developing lung infections such as bovine respiratory disease (BRD). The effects of stress on the cattle result in significant economic losses to producers due to increased medication costs associated with sickness, and losses associated with decreased performance.


Through a grant from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, a multi-institutional team led by researchers at Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine hopes to better understand post-transit changes in cattle and assess the impact of a long-acting, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), meloxicam, on reducing stress and improving the immune function and health of feedlot cattle.

“BRD costs the beef industry approximately $700 million per year,” said Hans Coetzee, DVM, PhD, and associate professor of veterinary diagnostic and production animal medicine at Iowa State University. “The NSAIDs include drugs like aspirin that reduce pain and inflammation. In our first study we looked at the pre-shipment administration of meloxicam to see if this would reduce the negative impact of long-distance transportation on animal well-being. We found that meloxicam does in fact reduce the stress response in calves after shipping.” Since meloxicam is not currently labeled for use in cattle in the United States, the investigators hope that with further research these findings will help support such an approval in the future.

Dosage and Administration

Intramuscularly – Range of 0.25 to 0.75 mL/45 kg body weight (Equivalent to 0.11 to 0.33 mg/kg or 0.05 to 0.15 mg/lb). Ruminants are more sensitive to Rompun than are other species in which the drug is indicated, and thus a much smaller dose is required per unit body weight to produce the desired effect. The dosage of Rompun in the bovine species needed to achieve the desired effect varies between animals, depending largely upon the temperament of the individual animal. Quieter or more docile cattle will require a smaller dose to achieve the same effect. Rompun will often make the animal recumbent especially at the higher dose rates. Following injection of Rompun the animal should be allowed to rest quietly until the full effect has been reached.

Within the recommended dosage range, a range of side effects can be achieved depending on the dose given. Low doses of Rompun produce a sedation and limited dermal analgesia while larger doses produce sedation, muscle relaxation and analgesia along with a sleep like state. This sleep like state, in conjunction with the sedation, analgesia and muscle relaxation described, produce recumbency and a true anaesthesia like condition under which many procedures may be carried out with or without local anesthesia. Even high doses will not eliminate pain in the claws and lower limbs.

Uses/benefits of Cattle Calming Drugs

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Features of Cattle Calming Drugs

Calming supplements for cattle offer support to nervous or excitable livestock. Nervous and stressed cattle can negatively impact growth, feed efficiency and the overall health of the animal. Santa Cruz Animal Health offers a variety of calming supplements that utilize nutrients to help maintain a healthy nervous system without appearing sedated or drowsy. The UltraCruz® Livestock Calming Supplement is an herb-free supplement for cattle offered in a pellet or paste

Prices of Cattle Calming Drugs

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