Cattle Crush Designs :When it comes to crush setups and cattle handling facilities it is better to rely on animal behavioural principles instead of sheer force to restrain and control animals during handling. Fine-tuning the design of animal handling facilities will enhance animal welfare and reduce stress and injuries. This applies to both animal and user. When designing a crush, parlour exit race or any other handling facilities there are several factors to consider. Safety, cow flow,  management and handling of livestock, location, future developments, your yard layout and how it will fit into your day to day activities. Implementing all these factors is not always possible, but all should be considered and are good starting points for design. Most of all using handling facilities should not be a chore, a well-designed handling facility should fit in with your day to day routine seamlessly. Here is a short video on some cow behaviour point you should consider when designing your yard and handling setups.

When fitting your crush it is important to follow the fitting instructions. A straight crush is simple enough to fit, we would recommend starting with the crush gate and work back. Ensure that poles with latch holes and lugs are in the correct position. All our crush panels and poles are designed to bolt together for a simple installation, no welding required on site.


Some mobile crushes are equipped with a set of wheels so they can be towed from yard to yard. A few of these portable crushes are built so the crush may also be used as a portable loading ramp. A mobile crush must incorporate a strong floor, to prevent the animal moving it by walking along the ground.


The features meet the demands of livestock weighing and recognition. Powerful weigh head with great functionality, large memory and long battery life. Record weights and identity and connect with external devices such as Stock Recorders, smart phones and tablets. It’s easy to set up and features a Favourite function for you to store and access your most commonly-used set-ups without needing to re-key every time.
The unit is rugged and features large, easy-to-read displays. Use it with your existing crate/crush or as part of a complete system.


  • Complete with TB doors
  • Due to this wheel operation, reduction is infinite between 750mm to 300mm.
  • Suitable for most breeds from 50kg upto 1000kg
  • Facility to add optional chin scoop, no facility for foot trimming kit.
  • Overall Length – 2400mm.
  • Internal Width – 750mm to 300mm.
  • Overall Width – 1100mm. Width (inc. sliding door) – 1780mm.
  • Internal Height – 1720mm.
  • Overall Height – 2135mm.
  • Yoke Width – 120mm to 260mm.
  • Weight – 520kg approx.


$4,880 – $30,500.00

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