The Cattle Crush is unquestionably the most important feature of any cattle handling system. No other component will come under such intense pressure, and with health and safety such an integral part of our everyday life it is now vitally important to ensure you have the correct crush for your needs. A good crush will reduce stress on both animal and operator, thereby ensuring a safer and more productive environment.

At Brian Llewelyn a’i Ferched we are one of the largest stockists in the UK of cattle Crushes and Handling. This gives you the customer the benefit of viewing a large range of cattle crushes and handling, expert advice on hand, and most importantly delivery within days instead of weeks. Please have a look at the range of cattle equipment available, if you would like further help please ring us, or if you would like to come and visit us, we are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

Features :

  • Portable/ permanent corral panels for cattle. Built to withstand years of intensive use.
  • Cattle head squeeze and back pipe to disallow cattle’s movement.
  • Equipped with a scale system, so you can simultaneously weigh your animals.
  • Side ports designed to do other work on the cattle.
  • Smooth welds and hot-dipped galvanized parts offer extreme durability.
  • Ease of handling.
  • the features meet the demands of livestock weighing and recognition.
  • Powerful weigh head with great functionality, large memory and long battery life. Record weights and identity and connect with external devices such as Stock Recorders, smart phones and tablets.It’s easy to set up and features a Favourites function for you to store and access your most commonly-used set-ups without needing to re-key every time.
  • The unit is rugged and features large, easy-to-read displays. Use it with your existing crate/crush or as part of a complete system.


  • To start with, you have to familiarize yourself with the equipment, you should extensively study how it operates.
  • After familiarization with the crush, you may proceed to move a cow in from the race. Cattle crush operation often requires two individuals for optimum efficiency.
  • Ensure the head bails are open to allow the cow a clear view through the crush (but not open enough to allow the cow to run through) and be prepared to close the bails as soon as the cow is in position.
  • Hint: the bails should be approximately ½-¾ of the way open, never fully open.
  • Open the rear door allowing the cow to enter. If it does not do so open the head bails wider to allow a clearer view through the crush.
  • Close the door behind the cow after it has entered. This is to prevent the next animal in the race from following.
  • Once the cow has its head through the bail, close th


Cattle crush has an internal width 750mm, overall length about 3.05m, 4 doors on the operating side and no doors on the other side. The cattle crush is supplied as 4 pieces kit (headbale, 2 sides & a slide gate) which just pins together.

Pre galvanized, zinc coating 100g/m2
Fully 360 degree welded
2050mm high, 1060mm wide
Internal width is 750mm(does not including vertical tube) 
All the tubes are 50x50x2mm square tubes
Galvanized sheet, 1.0mm thick
With welded caps
8 U lugs, 100x60x4mm
2 flat feet, 50x110x4mm 
And pins hang on the lugs


$598.00 – $1,900.00

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