Cattle Crush Weigh Scales

We offer cattle crush which comes with weight measurement. A cattle crush (also called squeeze chute) is a strongly built stall or cage for holding cattle, horses, or other livestock safely while they are examined, marked, or given veterinary treatment. In some cases, cows can breastfeed their calves in cattle crushes. Most cattle sales $ proceeds are solely a function of weight and quality in cents / kg. (And is a big influencer in breeding and stud stock). Even at most store sales, buyers are trying to estimate the weight combined with cents / kg for their bid. Scales will assist your objective management instead of relying on best guess management.

For the safety of the animal and the people attending to them, the offered product has been built to ensure the animal stands “stock still”. The overall purpose of a crush is to hold an animal still in order to minimize the risk of injury to both the animal and the animal handler. Gate on off side in case an animal goes down. Large EID Reader mounting board. Off Side rail spacings eliminate cattle getting their head between the rail. On Side spacings allow good access for backlining, needling etc, if the Weigh Box is being used as part of the race. Rails on top prevent an animal climbing. Aadds to the length of the race if processing cattle through the crush or back lining, needling etc. cattle. As with all the products we sell, our weighbox is 100% manufactured at our Rutherford factory using first grade Australia Steel.

Uses/benefits of Cattle Crush Weigh Scales:

  • Industrial Mild Steel Galvanised Chassis, Aluminium top-plate
  • Durable scales, using stainless steel load cells with waterproof IP Rating
  • Lock-on weighing despite the animal movement
  • Load cells capacity: 2000 kg each = (4-tonne scale)
  • Increments (Accuracy): 1kg

Features of Cattle Crush Weigh Scales:

1. Galvanized pipe, anti-corrosion and durable.

2. Adjustable neck bar – easily adjusts the neck spacing to fit cattle.

3. The design of an adjustable pole and support pole is scientific and reasonable.

4. One or more cows can be released using latch, retained by pegging.

5. Quick-release and down cow from lower position.

6. Yoke bar automatically return to open position.

7. Fully adjustable feed spare.

8. Rubber coated latches for quiet operation.

9. Yoke guard minimizes collar loss

10. We can make any design and size according to the buyer’s requirement.

Specification :

MaterialHot-dip galvanized steel tube
Frame40*40mm*1.6mmT     50*50*1.6mmT   
Oval Rail:40*80mm*1.6mmT    42*115mm*1.6mmT
Height2m, 2.2m,2.5m and so on
WeldedFully welded post brackets
Other size as customer requirement

Prices of Cattle Crush Weigh Scales:

$300.00 – $2,888.00

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