Cattle Ear Tagger The Y-Tex Ultra Tagger Plus Applicator was designed with a wide, open throat to prevent pinching the animal’s ear. Super-strong, nickel-plated applicator pin. Double-action handle moves pin vertically, insuring accurate placement. Use the Y-Tex Ultra Tagger Plus to apply Y-Tex All-American ear tags and Y-Tex insecticide tags, What You Get 9.5″ Ear tag applicator plier x1, 3-step ear tag needle pin x1, standard ear tag needle pin x1, nuts x2, wrench x1. High Quality Pliers Made of high quality aluminum alloy, and the pins are made of stainless steel, which make the pliers sturdy and durable to use. Automatic Safety Lock Pliers stay securely locked until released with just a touch of the handles. Dimension (237 x 70 x 15.3)mm / (L x W x H). Customer Support Backed by SPEEDWOX lifetime guarantee. We value every single customer feedback, always friendly customer service behind SPEEDWOX products, 100% MONEY BACK guarantee.

Uses/benefits of Cattle Ear Tagger:

  • Automatic separation device: automatic seperate after playing, more convenient compared to the old ear tag applicators! Reduce the pain of animals, the ear hole aperture is small, less bleeding, ear pressure into the pressure is small
  • Elastic device: High-quality stainless steel spring and center shaft durable without rust, handle feel comfortable, easy to operate
  • Spare ear tag needle: The new product is equipped with a lock button and high-quality spring, the handle is also equipped with a spare internal ear mark. Tighten the handle after the button and then release the handle can lock the handle
  • Multi-purpose applicator: suitable for many kinds of pig sheep goat cattle ear tags
  • Reasonable design according to the human plam, automatic lock , energy saving and easy to operate

Features of Cattle Ear Tagger:

1. Ear tag forceps is used to install the ear tag on the pig, sheep, cattle etc.

2.aluminum alloy material, shell high-grade painting material never rust, durable.

3. Resonable design according to the human plam, automatic lock , energy saving and easy to operate.

4. Hold the ear mark forceps to press, the switch automatic to turn on.

5. Press the clip, install ear tag

6. Put the nail binding on ear tag needle, remained stable

7. Full immersion in the disinfectant, safety and health

8. Find a appropriate placement of the ears , put forth effort to finish at one time.

Specification of Cattle Ear Tagger: 

Product Nameveterinary ear tag applicator
Propertyanimal ear tag plier
Usagefixed the ear tag on the animal ear
Materialaluminum alloy
Consumableear tag pin/needle
Suitablefemale ear tag, male ear tag
PackageOPP Bag, carton package for applicator
Applicationpig, sheep, cattle etc animal

Prices of Cattle Ear Tagger:

$8.00 – $13.00

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