Animal cattle ear tags are used by husbandman on ears to keep records of animal bloodlines, birth dates, vaccinations and other animal information. Without these tags, it would be difficult to manage the records of each animal, especially when entire herds are raised. Ear Tag: Livestock identification ear tag ideal for the information management of livestock and animals, ear tag applicator makes ear tag placement easier, save labor.

Cattle Ear Tags Tractor are Fade resistant, softer, more flexible, durable and will withstand extreme weather conditions; Cattle ear tags insure you can track and prevent theft for your herd; great for use in beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, hogs, sheep, etc. You can use your standard installers to insert the ear tags; pins are included, ear tags are numbered 001-100.


1. Find a soft sport somewhere in the middle portion of the ear between the upper and lower cartilage

2. Clean the applicator to decrease the risk of infection,sterilized the pin(male) and clip(female)
components with rubbing alcohol or a disinfecting solution

3.Load the two halves of the tag into the applicator,insert the pointed stud on the backside of the
visual panel onto the slender pin

4.Check the alignment of the applicator Jaw, Squeeze the handles of the device together slowly so that
the jaw closes to the point just before the tow tag pieces meet

5.Clamp the applicator shut firmly and quickly. Squeeze the handles together in 1 smooth motion

6.Positioning the applicator over the tagging site. Hold the applicator in your dominant hand and use
the other to gently stretch and flattern the cow’s ear

7.Inspect the finished tag. Check to make sure the tag is correctly positioned, is secure and doesn’t
appear to be causing the animals any discomfort

Features of Cattle Ear Tags Tractor:

  • Livestock ear tag and applicator kit, make the animals management easy and clear for the information management for livestock and farm animals.
  • BASF/Bayer’s special TPU for ear tag only-Environment and safety. Material is very soft and will not hurt or uncomfort animals.
  • Printing: Never fade LASER printed (NOT ink printing) with progressive unique sequentiel series number as defaulted or customized as your request with leaving us message.
  • The tip of the ear tag is made of sharp cooper which is easy to fit into the ear of the animal with the tag applicator.
  • Big size: 2.89″*2.38″(73.5mm*60.50mm), idea for Cow, Cattle, Horse, Sheep, Pig, Big Dog or big or medium size animals.

Uses/benefits of Cattle Ear Tags Tractor:

  • :Easier to read from front or back.
  • Exclusive Laser printing guaranteed for the life of the animal.
  • :Back of tag will not snag and pull out or break off.
  • :Length of the tag :approx. 60mm/2.36inch,Width of the tag:75mm/2.952inch.

Specification of Cattle Ear Tags Tractor:

Name r cattle ear tags for livestock cattle
ApplicationSheep, cow,cattle, pigeon, chicken etc.Identification,

Pet health care
Packing 100pcs/bag,25bags/carton
company certificateISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001

Prices of Cattle Ear Tags Tractor:

$26.80 – $30.55

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