The hammer mill is fixed with an engine and a power of RP-driven all kinds of different power.  After the raw materials were put into crushing chamber, the high-speed operated hammer sheets will impact the raw materials over and over again, then the raw materials will be crushed into pre-set size step by step. Then the crushed materials will be leak out from the sieve. The draught fan will convey the leaked materials into separator centrifuge. Finally, the powder material will be discharged down below and the air will be discharged upper.


Cattle Feed Pellet Machine Cattle feed pellet is a type of compound feed mainly made from barley, forage, bean, bran, wheat, corn and additives, such as, vitamins, minerals, and other essential micro-ingredients. … The pellets are very nutritional and can satisfy the growth needs of cattle in different growth stages.


This feed pellet machine is equipped with screw feeder controlled by FC inverter with permanent magnet to removing iron impurities.
1.2.Stainless steel conditioner makes even retention and sufficient cooking effect. 
1.3.Gear directly-connecting driving is adopted for high accuracy and efficiency. The output can increase 20% comparing to feed pellet machine driven by belts. 

1.4.High quality bearings and motors are adopted to makes operation smoothly. 

1.5.Main gear and pinion shaft adopt the carbonizing quenching with high accuracy, to ensure smooth driving, low noise and long service life. 

1.6.The ring die& roller assemblies are quickly assembled and disassembled. 

1.7.Applicable for all kinds of high grade animal/livestock/aqua feed. Single, double or three layers of conditioner is optional.

1.8.Speed-adjust feeding, adopted by this feed pellet machine, can control the feeding capacity correctly to fit for different and meet the production requirement of pellets with different diameters. 


ModelMain Power
Feeder Power
Conditioner Power
Die Diameter
Feed Pellet Size

Prices of Cattle Feed Pellet Machine :

$3,695.00 – $7,200.00

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