Cattle Head Lock Gates safe and efficient with head, yet versatile and strong enough for all veterinary tasks. Fully mobile for triple the versatility: a calving pen for the paddock, a lame cow handler for at the shed, and a crush for at the runoff. Made in New Zealand, and designed for local conditions, the Wrangler will hold cows safely making hoof examination, calving, caesareans, re-tagging, or other animal handling tasks quick and easy. This equipment is used fastener to link with the stand columns, easy to be installed.  Hot galvanized Pipe:anti-corrosion, acid proof and durable. Man types of cow head-lock.

Keep cow into a just place. It is good for veterinarian or mating person to do routine checkups of cow or do other test.

Self lock design. To make sure that cow can eat fodder through the upper to down head-lock.


When eat feed, the head-lock can keep cow into a just place. 

This equipment can close and open smoothly when cow eating feed.

It is good for veterinarian or mating person to do routine checkups of cow, immunity, artificial fertilization, pregnancy, treatment, release angle, birth calves etc., which reduced the labor intensiy but improved the work efficiency.

Also, the cow can get all kinds of feed when eating in a just place, that’s better to keep cows have a balanced nutrition, thus to keep the milking produce stable. 

That’s the necessary equipment for a scaled dairy farm.


  • Ideal for use during calving
  • Provides control of cows during calving
  • Made of durable materials
  • • Fully automatic resetting mechanism
  • • Spring close reset action
  • • Designed with sheeted front for strength an durability
  • • Quick adjustment system allows for fast efficient movement of front bars
  • • Specially reinforced backing frame allows for easy attachment to any cattle run
  • • This heavy, strong gate is only suitable for large livestock
  • • The Nugent Beef head locking gate is efficient for use with large numbers of livestock
  • • Fully Hot Dip Galvanised.


Material QualityGalvanized Steel Tube
ColorSilver, Customize
specsFor 7 /8/10 cows per 6 meters
Steel Plate ThicknessTube Dia and Thickness customized
heightHight 1.1M
Product Keywordsself locking head gates for sale,cattle head lock gates,cattle lockups


 $35.00 – $330.00

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