Cattle Head Restraint

The 3rd Generation Q-Catch® Cattle Head Holder takes cattle control to a new level, with enhanced control and durability for optimal performance. Featuring an upgraded design with thicker and heavier components, the 3rd Gen Head Holder ensures you can perform treatments on your cattle safely and easily, no matter their size or temperament. The Head Holder is made up of two pieces – a bottom bar with a head scoop and top bar to secure the head and prevent thrashing. The two pieces move in a synchronized, scissor-style motion to clamp around the animal’s head securely and provide the handler with up-close access to the animal’s head without placing unnecessary stress on the animal.


Calms Cattle Down Immediately The moment the Head Holder is secured around their neck, even the most riled up cattle will calm down to be worked safely.As an added bonus, cattle who are secured in the head restraint cannot lay down in the chute, preventing annoying processing delays.


  • Infinite lock mechanism
  • Head Scoop helps prevent side movement
  • Over Head bar prevents animal’s head lifting
  • Adjustable height
  • Suits Heavy Duty/Standard Crush or Head Bail
  • Bolts easily to Crush or Head Bail
  • Makes drenching, tagging, animal husbandry easy
  • Near or Offside operation available
  • Upon order please state side of operation required and type of Norton Crush to be fitted to


  • Enhanced, heavy-duty frame
  • Q-Catch head gate locking pin can be used to secure the cattle head holder in the upright position when not in use
  • Height can be adjusted to work with animals of any size
  • Patent pending dual friction lock with infinite adjustments is backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Patented single lever controls
  • Cattle head scoop cradles the head comfortably
  • Compact design ensures the head holder stays out of the way when not in use
  • Simplifies procedures such as ear tagging, treating pink-eye, dehorning, and more
  • Helps to keep cattle calm during stressful procedures such as AI and veterinary testing
  • Scissor-style clamp allows handlers to safely access the animal’s head without danger of cattle thrashing around


 $3,500 – $9,000.

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