Cattle Headlock Gate Agromatic headlock panels are ideal for farmers who require a durable, cost-effective headlock. Each cattle headlock is hot dipped galvanized. The cow panel can easily be mounted to round posts, square posts or flat surfaces. Cow panels are available in 8′, 10′ and 12′ sections. A great new headlock design for your family milk cow! This new model is from galvanized steel, stronger than the previous model. Make your milkings easier and safer for both yourself and your cow by installing a headlock gate (milking tanchion). No more fussing with a halter. No more runaway cow. After a few weeks, your cow will walk right  in and wait to be milked!   See the additional photos here, realize that these head gates are only singles, the photo shows them in a row. Our Standard Headpiece features a flip-up latch, allowing all goats’ heads, even horned goats, to pass through. Headpiece is 36″ high and fits all of our Caprine Supply milk stand bases. Made of 1″ square steel tubing, heliarc welded with a metal ring that holds an 8 qt. feed bucket.


A cattle head gate allows the cow’s head to pass through but blocks it’s shoulders. This position allows easy access to work cattle in the chute. Since we love our automatic reset head gate, it’s included standard on all squeeze chutes, portable handling systems, hoof trimming chutes and 1/4 circular maternity pens.


  • Easy to install and to use
  • Economical & Corrosion-Resistant Galvanized Steel
  • Long-lasting, durable construction
  • Outside Measurement: 42″ tall x 28″ wide
  • Inner Measurement (for animal’s neck): 36″ tall x 17″ wide
  • Keep order at the feed bunk.
  • Save hay and grain.
  • Catch calves and heifers for dehorning and vaccinations.
  • Catch your cows for herd check and AI.


  • Fabricated from 1.9 OD 12 ga. high tensile tubing
  • Vertical tubes are notched to maintain strength
  • Heavy bushing in the swing tube to reduce wear
  • Panel Height – 36″
  • Panel length – custom fit 30″ to 12′ (22″-24″ needed per head lock)


$129.00 – $179.00

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