Just one year ago, we held the International Hoof Health and Welfare conference, with more than 250 attendees from 29 countries, in Zaragoza. A lot of things have happened since this conference and several participants have requested that we organise a conference like last year’s. For this reason, we are glad to announce that we are preparing a new conference, using the experience from last year.We have set benchmarks in the industrial sector and have successfully raised the bars of customer satisfaction by offering Hoof Trimmer that are easy to use and have a long functional life. Hoof Trimming Machine are absolutely safe to use and are technically advanced.


Raising cows can be a rewarding adventure, but there is one aspect of cattle farming that is often unfamiliar to new cattle owners. Most farm animal enthusiasts know that horses need their hooves checked and trimmed regularly, but do cows need their hooves trimmed too? Knowing when and why to keep cows hooves trimmed and healthy is important to the overall health of most cattle farms. Cows have cloven hooves, which means there are two separate claws or toes that make up each hoof. It is important that these two toes are flat on the bottom and even on each foot to help a cow maintain its balance. When they grow too long, the uneven hooves alter the way the cow walks and can cause temporary or even permanent lameness.

Uses/benefits of Cattle Hoof Trimming

Finding reliable and efficient. hoof trimming cattle is not easy at all and takes a good bit of hassle. finding productive. hoof trimming cattle is no longer tough, and, starting from surgery to other treatment procedures, all kinds of products are available here. Whether you want a surgical table or a thermometer or a BlueTooth-enabled oximeter, you can get all of them here. These. hoof trimming cattle are made from superior materials such as metal and plastic and do not involve the usage of toxic materials.

Features of Cattle Hoof Trimming

1. Outsource to professional trimmer: Contract exclusively with a professional trimmer for all hoof work. A good trimmer will always pay for themselves and have a good ROI.

Total cost = $75,244

2. Combination: A combination of both outsourcing and insourcing, by which a professional trimmer performs regularly scheduled trims, including dry-off and mid-lactation, while the trained employee takes care of weekly lameness detection and lame cow treatments. This accounts for the investment in a basic-level on-farm trimming chute and employee training.

Total cost (including labor, equipment and training) = $62,693

3. In-house: Rely solely on in-house trimming, where a trained farm employee performs all the dairy’s necessary trimming as well as weekly lameness detection. This accounts for the investment in a professional-level on-farm trimming chute and extensive employee training.

a. All in-house with no change in lameness:

Total cost (including labor, equipment and training, and assuming no change in lameness level among the herd)= $35,230

b. All in-house with 50 percent reduction in lameness:

Total cost (including labor, equipment and training) = -$12,694* (*This represents a savings resulting from fewer lame cows and associated treatment costs and losses.)

Product Specification

Size5 Feet
Available ColorWhite, Blue
Height5 Feet
Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit

Prices of Cattle Hoof Trimming


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