The GPS Ear Tag allows you to track and trace your cattle over long distances, even in remote areas without mobile coverage. They are the size of a standard management tag and can be tagged using a normal applicator. The reusable GPS ear tag is powered using a battery and integrated solar panels. A GPS-enabled cattle ear tag providing accurate and timely information about livestock location and movement has been commercially released for the first time. Agtech company mOOvement’s GPS solar-powered ear tags provide real-time tracking of individual animals’ location and promise to provide a wealth of insights for forward-thinking beef producers, and introduce another level of production efficiency across Australia, the company claims.

The idea of an ear-tag that tracks cattle isn’t a new one, but it hasn’t become a reality—until now. This past week, the Roper team completed the first two-week phase of their ranch pilot project that used the Roper® tag to continuously monitor cattle GPS location and activity.  “This is a huge milestone for us,” said CEO Maeve Garigan “and immensely gratifying for me as the inventor and chief engineer. I am incredibly proud of our team and our success shows that building great tech requires having the right people and the right mindset. Other companies have tried and failed to achieve what we have just done. This isn’t a problem that you can solve by throwing money at it. You need deep technical expertise, intense creativity and a real appreciation for ranchers’ needs.”

Uses/benefits of Cattle Tracking Ear Tags:

Long battery life: 18 moths with Sigfox and 6 months with GSM. We will review the coverage of your area and choose the technology with a better performance.

Increasing productivity: Digitanimal improves the profitability of your farm by reducing losses and increasing calving.

Tranquility: Forget getting worried about animals in the wrong place or in troubles, if its behavior is not right, you will be notified.

Key Benefits of Cattle Tracking Ear Tags:

  • Easy animal Identification
  • Heat detection for improved conception rates including tracking silent heats and to target best time for insemination
  • Lameness detection and general health monitoring to separate and treat sick cows
  • Calving detection so the new calf can be entered into the system and so live births can be monitored
  • GPS location tracking to monitor herd
  • Early mastitis detection to lower risk of milk loss
  • Integrate with farm database tracking of any medications or treatments and output
  • Rumination tracking to see how long they have been eating to monitor health and manage overall herd feed rations
  • identify animals under heat/cold stress


ItemRFID Animal Ear Tag
Material PET+Aluminum/ TPU
Printinglaser printing
DimensionDia30, 70*80mm
NumberingLaser/sparing/printing UID or serial number/ Barcode/ QR codeUID and serial number can be provided in excel format
Working Frequency125khz /13.56MHz/ 860-960mhz 
Operating Temperature-25 to 85 (Centigrade)
Storage Temperature-25 to 120 (Centigrade)
ApplicationSmart identification and tracking for animals and livestock , such as pig, cattle, horse, etc
Other NameRFID ear tag, Electronic ear tag

Prices of Cattle Tracking Ear Tags:

$10.35 – $29.31

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