Cattle Weighing Scales

The cattle crush is unquestionably the most important feature of any cattle handling system. No other component will come under such intense pressure and with health and safety such as integral part of our everyday life it is now doubly important to ensure you have the correct crush for your needs. A good crush will reduce stress on both animal and operator, thereby ensuring a safer and more productive environment.This series of livestock scale is designed for large animals especially for cattle or horses. The large capacity cattle walk-in weighing scale has a large load capacity of 2000kg and is a flexible series of imported scales that offer multiple configurations to suit a variety of weighing and display applications. Our weighing scales are imported models with a 12 months warranty offer.

Cattle Scale Crate gives you fast, accurate weigh-ins and can be integrated into your cattle handling system seamlessly. Featuring rolling doors on both ends of the crate and built to last for years of use, the Crate for Cattle Scales simplifies the process of weighing your cattle.It is made of all stainless steel material, beautiful, sturdy, durable, detachable, lightweight and easy to carry, can be taken with you, optional AC and DC instruments, convenient for on-site use, with animal weighing tracking function, animals can walk on it without affecting the weighing It is suitable for occasions such as pig farms.

  • Capacity: 2000kg or more
  • A non-mobile system with an indicator for easy weighing operations

Features of Cattle Weighing Scales:

  • Specially designed fences and gates
  • Good quantity of steel plate welded, sturdy and beautiful appearance
  • Sizes and materials, indicators, frames, connectors, etc. can be produced on request
  • Using U-shaped cold-formed steel group welding, the scale body has high strength
  • Junction box built-in, beautiful and generous
  • Battery charging detachable indicator.
  • Durable design for rigorous applications. This scale will provide years of use in challenging environments. 
  • Portable weighing scales that can be installed on even or uneven surfaces
  • Lock in weighing system even with cattle movement
  • Fast and easy installation as the device runs on 2AA batteries
  • Digi star metering system that displays weight digitally

Specification of Cattle Weighing Scales:


Prices of Cattle Weighing Scales:

$200.00 – $600.00

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