Cattle Weighing Systems

Weighing cattle and other livestock is an integral part of ranching and farming. Much information, including the health and diet of animals, to the profit from livestock sales, is linked to accurate animal weights. Modern livestock scales are the ideal tool to make the critical task of weighing livestock easier, faster, safer and more cost effective. With the proven reputation of turning investment into profit, Rice Lake Weighing Systems Livestock Scales can make a measurable difference in farming and ranching applications. The durable weighbridge design and NTEP approval combined with safety features and domestic quality construction make Rice Lake Livestock Scales the best choice for our customers. It is made of all stainless steel material, beautiful, sturdy, durable, detachable, lightweight and easy to carry, can be taken with you, optional AC and DC instruments, convenient for on-site use, with animal weighing tracking function, animals can walk on it without affecting the weighing It is suitable for occasions .

The walk-in cattle weighing scale reliably performs weighing tasks in the field, abattoir, and farms. Battery operation, as well as convenience, portability, and installation makes it the product of choice for animal husbandry enthusiasts. Livestock scales are designed for durability and to withstand corrosive elements found when handling animals. Choices of steel, concrete, wooden or rubberized deck surfaces are offered. Be sure to choose the best deck surface for you and your animal’s needs. If your scale will be housed outdoors, your scale will need to handle weather conditions particular to your climate, debris, dust as well as animal waste. Since livestock scales need to be thoroughly cleaned for the health and safety of the animals, you may want to invest in a model with surfaces capable of withstanding frequent wash-downs. With so many different options available, Quality Scales Unlimited can help you choose the best solution for your business needs.

Features of Cattle Weighing Systems:

  • Sturdy indicator with vivid, back-light LCD easily visible in any lighting conditions
  • Walk-in scale type made of durable materials
  • Sensibility/Precision: 1kg
  • Delivery date 4-6 weeks
  • Type: Fixed System
  • Dimension: 207 x 98,5 x Height 131 cm
  • Capacity: 2.000 kg
  • Mobile: None
  • Material: NPU and Box Profile
  • Base: Parallelogram Pattern Sheet
  • Country of Origin: Turkey (Europe)

Uses/benefits of Cattle Weighing Systems:

– Portable 8’ weighing scales

– Constructed from heavy gauge steel

– Digital read out display

– Cattle completely encased for duration of weighing

– Scales rests on four 1,000kg capacity stainless steel load cells

– Weighing equipment is the latest technology from Dinamica Generale, Gallagher

– Dual power operation from battery or mains

– Heavy duty load cells in protected load bars

– Weight capacity of 4 tonnes

Specification of Cattle Weighing Systems;

ItemCapacityPlatform SizeFenceDoorLoad CellIndicator
SCS-1t1t1.2mx1.2m1m2 pcs4 pcsXK3190A12E
SCS-1t1t1.5mx1.5m1m2 pcs4 pcsXK3190A12E
SCS-2t2t1.2mx2m1m2 pcs4 pcsXK3190A12E
SCS-2t2t1.5x2m1.2m2 pcs4 pcsXK3190A12E
SCS-3t3t2mx2m1.2m2 pcs4 pcsXK3190A12E
SCS-3t3t2mx3m1.5m2 pcs4 pcsXK3190A12E

Prices of Cattle Weighing Systems:

$500.00 – $2,500.00

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