Maropitant citrate (brand name: Cerenia®) is an antiemetic used to treat vomiting and motion sickness in dogs and cats. It also may act as a mild pain control medication. Use of the tablets in cats to treat nausea and vomiting is ‘off label’ or ‘extra label’. Many drugs are commonly prescribed for off label use in veterinary medicine. In these instances, follow your veterinarian’s directions and cautions very carefully as their directions may be significantly different from those on the label.


Maropitant is a neurokinin (NK1) receptor antagonist that blocks the pharmacological action of substance P in the central nervous system (CNS). Maropitant is the non-proprietary designation for a substituted quinuclidine. The empirical formula is C32H40N2O C6H8O7 H2O and the molecular weight 678.81. The chemical name is (2S,3S)-2-benzhydryl-N-(5-tert-butyl-2-methoxybenzyl) quinuclidin-3-amine citrate monohydrate. Each peach-colored oval tablet is scored and contains 16, 24, 60 or 160 mg of maropitant as maropitant citrate per tablet.

Side effect of Cerenia For Dogs

The most common side effects are vomiting and hypersalivation at the higher doses required for motion sickness. When using the injectable form, pain or swelling at the site of injection can occur. Rarer side effects include lethargy, decreased appetite, diarrhea, allergic reactions, uncoordinated walking, and convulsions. In addition to these rare side effects, cats may also experience abnormal breathing, recumbency (laying down and unable to get up), vomiting, panting, and muscle tremors. This short-acting medication should stop working within 24 hours, although effects can be longer in pets with liver or kidney disease.

Uses/benefits of Cerenia For Dogs

Cerenia is an oral medication used for the prevention of acute vomiting and the prevention of vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs.

  • – The first FDA-approved medication that prevents vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs
  • – Safe and effective treatment of acute vomiting from other causes
  • – Scored tablets for accurate dosing

Cerenia Dosage and Administration

Minimum of 2 mg/kg BW Dosing
Dog body weightNumber of Tablets
PoundsKilograms16 mg24 mg60 mg
2.2 – 8.81.0 – 4.0½
8.9 – 17.64.1 – 8.01
17.7 – 26.48.1 – 12.01
26.5 – 52.812.1 – 24.02
52.9 – 66.024.1 – 30.01
66.1 – 132.030.1 – 60.02

Prices of Cerenia For Dogs

$17.92  – $18.80

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