Cheap Fly Tying Materials There are a couple major distributors in the fly tying industry that supply most fly shops with all their materials, but they don’t have the entire market and there are a ton of one off suppliers that have all kinds of materials and hooks available.  Because of this, pricing can vary greatly from shop to shop or site to site.  We’ve found a few online retailers that we recommend below.  We’re not paid to recommend them or anything, this is where we get most of our materials and hooks because we’ve found excellent prices and great quality giving the best overall value.  The box contains a small handful of wigs, actually. Not your blonde bimbo wig or wigs meant to look like human hair, but party wigs. Party wigs are, as the name implies, wigs meant to be worn to parties. Now, I rarely go to parties where the guests are expected to wear colorful wigs, but some people must obviously do so, because there’s quite a market for these crazy wigs.

The party wigs are essentially fly tying to put on your head. Non-fly tyers may not see them as such, but it doesn’t take many glances at some of these wigs for a fly tyer to realize that there’s a colossal amount of useful material in most of them. Many of the most popular craft stores are a goldmine for cheap fly tying materials. You do have to be careful buying materials from a craft store though, as things can become very expensive very quickly. Craft stores (I go to Micheals personally) are similar to specialty fly shops since they both carry many similar materials, it’s important to remember that both stores also price materials at a premium. The trick is that fly shops and craft stores price different items at a premium, so certain items that would be expensive at a fly shop are going to be much cheaper at a craft store. The craft department of many big box stores carries a similar (albeit much more limited) selection of materials.

Features of Cheap Fly Tying Materials:

Name:800-1000pcs/bunch Natural Rooster Feathers Saddle 1 meter Long Fly Tying Material DIY Jewelry Making Decorative Plume Wholesale

Color:total 24 colors,we have white,black,pink,rose,yellow,leather pink,and so on

Qty:1 bunch

Length:Unfolded about 1 meter long

Size:4-6 inch/8-10 cm

Material:Natural chicken rooster feather

No smell,eco-friendly,clean,soft and fluffy


  • Greatfishing 12packs Mix Color Long Furable Soft Synthetic Fiber. Super soft and light material, bright color. 12pcs different colors cover pink, black, green, orange, brown, light pink, white, yellow, moss green, blue, red, purple. A extra free nature color, valued 13 colors combo.
  • Size: about 5cmX12cm each, fiber length between 5cm ~ 11cm. 12 colors/set; 15pcs free fish head in three sizes: #4 5pcs, #6 pcs, #8 pcs


Size22CM long, 22CM wide and 2.5cm high
colorWood grain color
Production capacity:10000/month

Prices of Cheap Fly Tying Materials:

$28.98 – $28.98

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