Sub Compact Tractors are used for a variety of tasks including moving materials and digging trenches. These tractors are also known as skid-steer loaders, mini excavators, and mini wheel loaders. These machines are designed to be compact and carry out the same tasks as larger excavators. Sub compact tractors have been designed to be small enough to operate in confined spaces such as around buildings or inside warehouses. They are also lighter than other types of machinery, so they can be moved from place to place easily.

Sub compact tractors come with different features and options depending on your needs. If you need more power, then you may want to consider buying a larger model that has more horsepower and torque than smaller models.

If you want to buy a sub-compact tractor with backhoe on a budget, you should first look at the prices of the different models. Here, we will discuss the Massey Ferguson GC1700 series, Kubota LS M1 series, and Yanmar 3025D. Each of these models has different features and prices. Read on to learn more about the models, their prices, and the features and benefits they offer.

John Deere 1025R

A sub-compact tractor with a backhoe is an important piece of equipment for any landscaper. This model is equipped with a backhoe and a loader. The tractor’s iMatch Quick-Hitch system makes changing front implements quick and easy. A variety of attachments are available for this model, including an AutoConnect mid-mount mower deck, D120 or H120 loader, and 260 Backhoe.

The 1025R features a Tier-4-compliant isolated Yanmar(r) TNV diesel engine and a comfortable operator station. It features two halogen headlamps and two fender-mounted lights. It also comes with a rollover protection system that’s ergonomically positioned and folds out of the way. All of these features make operating a 1025R sub-compact tractor with a backhoe an easy and convenient process.

The 1025R is the smallest model in Deere’s compact tractor lineup. It features a 1.3-liter Yanmar diesel engine that delivers 24 horsepower and 39 pound-feet of torque. It also comes with a hydrostatic transmission and four-wheel drive, as well as various attachments. The base price for this tractor is $15,066, and a complete model with backhoe and loader costs $26,397.

The John Deere 1025R is one of the most versatile sub-compact tractors on the market. Its versatility allows for many different applications. The John Deere loader is a popular attachment and can handle a variety of tasks around the farm. It also has an impressive number of attachments for a small utility tractor. The engine is a Tier 4 diesel engine, which delivers great power for a sub-compact tractor.

The John Deere 1025R Sub Compact tractor with a backhoe is a practical machine for a one-to-five-acre property. The tractor is easy to maneuver and store. It has a diesel engine and iMatch Quick-Hitch technology that allows it to quickly attach attachments. It also has a comfortable cab, so the operator can monitor the work of the blades.

Massey Ferguson GC1700 series

The Massey Ferguson GC1700 series sub-compact tractors are designed for a wide variety of uses, making them a great choice for small-scale farming operations. Available in a variety of options, including a backhoe and loader combination, these versatile tractors will be the perfect tool for any job site. These tractors also feature a three-cylinder, Tier 4-compliant diesel engine, and indirect fuel injection.

Featuring superior power and performance, the GC1700 series also offers comfort and ease of operation. Its versatility is further enhanced by the availability of several attachments, including a rear backhoe and mid mower. Other features include a 2-speed hydrostatic transmission with cruise control, easy on-and-off of implements, and a Cat I rear 3-point hitch.

Despite its compact size, the Massey Ferguson GC1700 Series sub-compact tractors offer excellent productivity and performance. The Massey Ferguson sub-compact tractor with backhoe features a proven drive train, two-post fixed ROPS, tilt steering column, and hydrostatic power steering. Its hydraulics feature two Shibaura three and four-cylinder diesel engines. The engines are EPA-compliant and do not require a diesel particulate filter. Both the HST and the 12×12 shuttle transmissions are standard on the GC1700 series.

Massey Ferguson is redefining the sub-compact tractor to give it more versatility. The GC1700 Series is equipped with a 25-hp engine and can perform a number of tasks with ease, including working with a backhoe and hauling heavy loads. With a high-quality design, the GC1700 Series sub-compact tractor is ideal for residential and small-scale farm maintenance, landscaping, construction, and hunting camp needs.

Kubota LS M1 series

The Kubota LS M1 series sub-compact tractor with a backhoe is a versatile piece of equipment for a variety of tasks. Its powerful three-cylinder diesel engine offers high fuel efficiency and power to climb up steep terrain. Its user-friendly ergonomic design and quality features provide a comfortable and easy-to-use experience for the operator. This machine is ideal for the construction industry, mowing the lawn, and landscaping projects.

The LS series sub-compact tractors are designed to work in small farms, gardens, and other domestic environments. They are easy to operate and safe to drive. Many of these tractors have interchangeable accessories. The simple controls and ergonomic design make them easy to operate for both the novice and the professional. The Kubota LS M1 series sub-compact tractor with backhoe offers an impressive level of versatility for a range of applications.

Another major advantage of the LS M1 series sub-compact tractor with a backhoe is its ease of handling tight spaces. The operator will be comfortable while working on the machine due to the spacious footwell and fully padded and adjustable seats. This tractor is equipped with a 3-cylinder diesel engine and a robust metal hood. A large fuel tank allows the operator to work longer without stopping and refueling.

The LS M1 series sub-compact tractor with a backhoe is ideal for mowing, snow removal, and other small farm and landscaping jobs. The low-profile design allows you to maneuver it around obstacles and even work in tight spaces. The LS M1 series sub-compact tractor with backhoe has a powertrain warranty of up to seven years and 2000 hours.

Yanmar 3025D

If you are in the market for a new compact tractor, consider the Yanmar 3025D Sub Compact Tractor with Backhoe. This tractor features a class I 3-point hitch and a lift capacity of 1,985 pounds. It can travel up to 14 miles per hour in forwarding and 12.7 miles per hour in reverse. The dimensions of this machine are 107.9 inches long, 55.1 inches wide, and 81.7 inches high.

New Holland WORKMASTER 25S

The WORKMASTER 25S sub-compact tractor with backhoe features a deluxe high-back cushion operator’s seat. The platform features an adjustable fore/aft track, backrest and armrest, a retractable seat belt, and an easy-to-use instrument cluster. This tractor offers the features needed for the most effective workday.

The WORKMASTER is easy to maneuver with its dual pedal transmission design. It is easy to change directions, and the controls are out of the way. It also features an anti-skid rubber cover. The cab has two doors, plenty of room for passengers, and ample glass for visibility. This tractor comes with a comprehensive warranty. This coverage extends to six years.

New Holland WORKMASTER sub-compact tractors offer exceptional value for the money. They are easy to operate, built to last, and offer powerful, reliable power. And, despite their compact size, the WORKMASTER has a full list of implements and accessories to help you take care of your land. A backhoe can plow snow, and a snow blade or snow blower can help you clear a snowy field.

The WORKMASTER 25S is built with loader work in mind. Its 100LC Loader provides a lift height of 72 inches and a capacity of 1005 lbs. The 25S is also compatible with a 905GBL backhoe. This backhoe has a maximum digging depth of 79.4 inches and a two-hundred-pound digging force.

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