The origin of the checkered giant rabbit remains a subject of debate today. But the consensus is that they originated from Europe after French Lops, spotted rabbits, and Flemish Giants were bred together. The breed first came to the United States in 1910 and is recognized by the American Rabbits Breeders association. Although it is heavier than most rabbit breeds, it is bred for show rather than meat. But what sets the Checkered Giant rabbit apart from other breeds? Read on to find out.

Checkered Giant Rabbit Characteristics

The Checkered Giant rabbit is a large breed compared to some other domestic rabbit breeds. It is larger and heavier than some other most popular rabbit breeds, such as the Flemish Giant and the Giant Chinchilla. The Checkered Giant rabbits have a muscular build and slender type body. Their body is long, arched back and the legs are long and powerful. They have a wide head with large, broad ears which are held firmly upright. The coat of the Checkered Giant rabbit is white with colored markings.

They have rings around the eyes, colored ears, cheek flashes and a butterfly shaped marking on the nose. Their fur is short, thick and very soft. A dorsal stripe runs down the spine from ears to tail, with colored patches on the haunches. Recognized color varieties of the breed are Black and Blue. Average body weight of a matured Checkered Giant buck is at least 5.0 kg and a mature doe weights about 5.4 kg. But there is no specified maximum weight of this breed


The Checkered Giant is one of the few ARBA recognized breeds that has distinctive markings. The only color that the ARBA accepts is white with either blue or black markings resembling a butterfly across the nose. They also have two black or blue spots on either side of the body with a black or blue stripe running along from the base of their ears to their tail over the spine.


The Checkered Giant rabbit is a larger sized rabbit breed. But it is rarely raised for meat production. Today the breed is mainly raised as a show rabbit breed. The Checkered Giant rabbits are generally good natured animal. They have relatively calm temperament. They are very active and energetic rabbits. They are very playful and require plenty of exercise.


Species Name:Checkered Giant Rabbit
Care Level:Medium
Temperament:Gentle, affectionate, energetic, active
Color Form:White with black or blue markings
Lifespan:5-8 years
Diet:Hay, pellets, fruits, and vegetables
Minimum Hutch Size:24” x 24” x 36”
Hutch Set-Up:Easy
Compatibility:Singles and couples, the elderly, older kids

Checkered Giant Rabbit Price

 $50.00 and $180. 00

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