Chicken Beak Cutting Machine is efficient, and powerful. chicken debeaking machine are splendid enough to help you in performing daily husbandry chores with higher efficacy and precision. Not just tools, but you also get to choose from several distinct. chicken debeaking machine such as stables, cages, feeding barns, etc. These. chicken debeaking machine are eco-friendly and are made from sturdy materials such as metal, solid wood, heavy-duty food-grade plastics and many more.


1.When the swith is turned on, adjust the temperature of movable blade to be reddish or nacarat,according to the chicken size
2. When the movable blade glows, start motor switch and bote-shaped switch
3.Adjust the aperture of micro cutter blade according to chicken size
4.Hold chicken feet with left hand, chicken neck with right thumb,and pin chicken throat with righthand forefinger.Then, stick chicken beak into the aperture.When the movable blade drops,stop bleeding with 2-3 seconds


  • A full range of cooling ventilation, keeps machine always in good state
  • Cut the beak and stop bleeding! Cutting beak quickly, stop bleeding 0-4 seconds to adjustable
  • Blade speed, 6 files to adjust according to your own situation
  • Upgrade thickness handle, easy to carry
  • Automatic cutter, you can adjust the handing time


Model Name RD-08
Working CapactityLess 1800pcs/h
Temperature for blade600-850 degree
Time for MovingLess 30 seconds
Time for Stanching1-4 seconds
Weight 9kgs
The kinfe temperature 700-950℃


$56.00 – $179.99

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