Taking care of your livestock and running an efficient farm is now possible with the powerful and advanced. chicken debeaking machine . These improved and efficient. chicken debeaking machine are used for distinct animal farming and rearing purposes for all types of livestock. The products are manufactured using sturdy raw materials and advanced techniques to offer long-lasting services.
With beaks, it’s important to ensure that they’re properly growing and wearing down. If their upper beak begins to grow much longer than their lower beak, you should trim or file it down. If the upper beak is allowed to grow too much, it can interfere with eating, pecking, and preening.


Beak trimming is a preventive measure to reduce damage caused by injurious pecking such as cannibalism, feather pecking and vent pecking, and thereby improve livability.


  • A full range of cooling ventilation, keeps machine always in good state
  • Cut the beak and stop bleeding! Cutting beak quickly, stop bleeding 0-4 seconds to adjustable
  • Blade speed, 6 files to adjust according to your own situation
  • Upgrade thickness handle, easy to carry
  • Automatic cutter, you can adjust the handing time


Usage/ApplicationBeak Cutting
Beak Cutting Ratio750 to 900 per Hour
Electric Voltage220
Inverter Power50 to 60 Hz
Temp of Hot Blade600 to 800 Degree Celcius
Weight7 kg


$76.80 – $159.94

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