Power-washable breeding cage holds 12 – 24 bantam (smaller) chickens. A rust-proof plastic laying cage makes breeding easy and sanitary. Feed loss is reduced with smart grill feeders, water is clean due to algae-free hoses, and waste is efficiently removed from the unit by deep manure trays. Collect eggs in the roll-out trays below and enjoy manure-free eggs every time. The unit features lockable wheels, rust-proof flooring (vs galvanized wire), an injury-free design, an improved door locking system, and easy to stack modular tiers. Add layer additions at any time to expand your breeding production


  • High feeding density.
  • Save labor.
  • Reduce feed waste.
  • Low incidence of disease.
  • Easy to manage.
  • High egg production rate.
  • Easy to control temperature and humidity.
  • Scientific feeding.


1. Surface treatment of cage wire mesh are hot dip galvanized, the thickness of the Zn-coat is about 400um, and the corrosion resistance is 3-4 times that of usual surface treatment.
2. The entire door net is a sliding grille that can be easily opened, making the roll-in and roll-out of chicken easier and more humanized.
3.The egg buffer device can hinder the egg when it rolls off quickly, so that the eggs  can fall safely on the egg belt, effectively reducing the egg breaking rate.
4. Use the V-shaped feed trough to minimize feed waste
5.We choose the low carbon wire mesh to make the bottom net slowly spring-back after deformation to keep the good condition of eggs.
6.The drinking nipple is designed on the edge of the side net, and each hen can easily reach two drinking nipples.
7.Replaceable bottom net, which increases the convenience of maintenance,make the maintenance of the cage system more efficient


TierCell SizeCage SizeCapacity birds /cage
3 tier2150*900*410mm2150*2230*2330mm210 birds
4 tier2150*900*410mm2150*2230*2990mm280 birds
5 tier2150*900*410mm2150*2230*3650mm350 birds
6 tier2150*900*410mm2150*2230*4310mm420 birds


$160.00 – $200.00

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