Chicken Cage have been designing and distributing poultry cages for efficient egg production for half a century. Whether the producer operates in tropical climates and uses natural ventilation, the birds are housed in closed barns on Siberian farms at temperatures much below freezing point or the birds receive feed and water manually or fully automatically and computer-aided: Big Dutchman can provide the perfect system for any part of the world. A chicken coop or hen house is a structure where chickens or other fowl are kept safe and secure. There may be nest boxes and perches in the house.


Poultry Battery cages are housing systems which are mostly used for chicken rearing and suitable for several methods of animal production. The term was derived from the arrangement of similarly-looking cages in rows and columns closely knitted together with same divider walls like the cells of a batter


The full set of equipment using hot-dip galvanized material, corrosion-resistant, which ensures the service life of 15-20 years.
● Intensive management and automated control. Achieve automatic feeding,drinking,manure cleaning,egg collecting and environment control,can help to improve working efficiency and save labor cost.

● Have sufficient feed, water position and healty uniformity are better chicken, chicken limited to the minimum amount of exercise, energy consumption, save feed.

● Chicken manure and chickens are completely isolated, manure can be directly down to the ground, chicken house dust greatly reduced, less chance of disease from infected feces, greatly reduced the mortality of chickens.

● High-density raising,saves land and investment. The chicken cage could easy to observe birds, clustering or choose weak easily.

● Suitable for both closed and open chicken house.Automatic control of ventilation and temperature can meet the requirement of the birds. Some place can also used in open house, A ype structure have better ventilation.


A type layer chicken cage size
Cage sizeDoor No. /cageChicken No. /doorNo. of layerCapacity of one set of cageArea per head (sqcm)Length of the cage with frameWidth of installed cage with feeding machineHeight of installed cage with feeding machine
Corollary equipmentAutomatic feeding, automatic egg collection and automatic manure cleaning system
Surface treatmentHot dipped galvanized, Galfan
MaterialQ 235
lifetime15-20 years


$118.00 – $285.00

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