Chicken Evisceration Machine design, manufacture and supply a complete range of automatic evisceration equipment to reduce labour and improve quality. Depending on processing speeds and labour costs, various options exist: these include the automatic transfer of chicken from the defeathering line to the evisceration line as well as the transfer off the evisceration line to the chill line. Automatic evisceration equipment is generally considered for line speeds above 1,500 birds per hour depending upon labour costs. An evisceration line comprises of several machines, each performing a specific operation

Automatic evisceration is the pinnacle of modern poultry processing. Manual processing requires a large number of staff. However, automated eviscerating line greatly reduces needed labour.


Poultry Evisceration is the process where the carcass is opened to remove the viscera (internal organs and intestines) from the bird. This can be done manually, semi-automated or fully automated. Manual evisceration involves knifes, scissors and other hand tools to process the birds. Whereas semi-automation comes with tools powered by compressed air to reduce operator fatigue and increase worker productivity per hour


  • Vent Cutter; cuts the vent and removes the Bursa Fabricius
  • Opener; opens the vent hole to make room for the evisceration units
  • Eviscerator; removes the intestines completely without causing damage
  • Cropper; removes the crop and trachea by means of a drill
  • Neck Breaker; breaks and removes necks
  • Final Inspection machine; which removes the lungs and other organic materials by means of vacuum
  • Inside/Outside Bird Washer;  thoroughly spray washes the birds’ carcasses from the interior and exterior


Applicable IndustriesFood & Beverage Shops
After Warranty ServiceVideo technical support, Online support
Local Service LocationCanada, United States
Showroom LocationCanada, United States
UsagePeanut Oil
TypeCold & Hot Pressing Machine
Automatic GradeSemi-automatic
Place of OriginChina
Brand NameKST
Warranty1 Year
Video technical support, Online support


$4,700.00 – $1,300,000.00

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