Chicken Feather Removing Machine The series of the depilator is products that our factory produced according to the domestic technology of automatic depilating, which also meets the actual demand of European and American country that depilate chicken, duck, goose and so on. This machine is with simple structure, durable in use, easy to operate. It is very suitable for using in the vast specialized processing poultry household, the roast chicken, roast duck, workshop, hotel, organ school dining room. It is clean, effective, which get rid of hard and dirty working. One machine is equal in ten people to get rid of the feather. Meanwhile, it can clean out the fine fur of chickens and ducks even the whole dirty, it is easy to operate, and clean. One minute can be clean out 5 chickens or ducks. 1 degree power can be processed 300 pcs, the feather can also be insolationed and sold out to increase income.


1.The Chicken Tail Feather Plucking Machine is used for the chicken processing lines. It consists of the parts as shown in the picture above. The application is to cut the tail
feather, which is not removed by the de-feathering machines.


1. Used in quail,pigeon and birds’ feather plucking

2. Elegant in style and compact in structure

3. With feather plucking of high efficiency

4. Electric motor from famous factory having stable performance,high efficiency and electricity saving

5. With easy operation and timen and energy saving

6. Less in land,lighter in weight,easy to move and clean


Model TM-HS
Materialstainless steel
Capacity4-5 chickens one time
Plucking rate98%
Rubber finger No.:146pcs
Motor speed1400r/min
Barrel Diameter:53mm
Machine Dimension 570*570*930mm


$80.00 – $503.22

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