Feeding Trays for chicks are one of the many options for providing convenient food access to growing birds. Selecting the right chicken feeders for your flock is an important decision a poultry farmer has to make with regards to designs, sizes, materials, and prices of feeders etc. The wrong size feeder may make access to feed difficult while wrong design can lead to feed wastage or fouling resulting from birds knocking the container over.

Chicken Feeding Tray Price varies according to the size and capacity.


  • Easy for small chickens/birds
  • High quality
  • Easy to wash and maintain hygiene
  • Raw Material :Virgin Polypropylene with PE


  • Sturdy and well designed feeders for chickens ensure scratching, pecking, exploring, knocking, tossing and flipping will not result in tipping over of the feeding trays.
  • The plastic frame and contrasting red colour of our ground feeding tray makes it both attractive and functional. Its large feeding surface is ideal for seeds and feed suitable for all ground feeding birds.
  • The chick feeder tray facilitates chicks to consume feed easily from day one.
  • It provides a very hygienic way of feeding which avoids contamination of feed and avoids diseases at the preliminary stage.
  • It also reduces the feed wastage and thus giving good conversion ratio.
  • The feeding tray is ideal for ground feeding birds and can also fit inside ground feeder cages.


Artile NameFeed Plate 
MOQ100 pcs
Payment TermsT/T,L/C ,PayPal,Western Union etc.
Customized ServiceOEM,ODM Service


$18.99 – $19.29

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