Chicken Hatching Machine

The incubator is an apparatus that is used to regulate environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and turning for successful hatching of the fertile eggs placed in an enclosure. It is often used for growing bacterial cultures, hatching eggs artificially, or providing suitable conditions for a chemical or biological reaction.

The incubator is recorded being used to hatch bird and reptile eggs. It lets the fetus inside the egg grow without the mother needing to be present to provide the warmth. Chicken eggs are recorded to hatch after about 21 days, but other species of birds can take a longer or shorter amount of time. Incubators are also used to raise birds.

Chicken egg incubator also known as chick incubator, egg hatching incubator. If you have been in the poultry farming business for many years, you will most likely use a fully automatic egg incubator. It is a machine that simulates poultry egg hatching. By maintaining appropriate temperature and humidity to simulate the hatching of poultry, the hatching ability is greatly improved. Modern incubators are electrically heated by thermostats and are mainly used in large chicken and poultry facilities.


An incubator is an artificial method for the hatching of eggs. In essence, an incubator allows you to hatch eggs without having hens. Incubators mimic the conditions and experiences of a brooding hen for fertilized eggs, including appropriate temperature, humidity, and ventilation levels.


  • Light weight
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Anti corrosive
  • Digital display of temperature, humidity, and turning frequency
  • Fully automatic temperature controlling
  • Fully automatic humidity control
  • Fully automatic egg turning
  • Fully automatic alarm system
  • Fully automatic cooling and ventilator systems
  • Backup emergency system
  • Microcomputer that makes each incubator completely automatic
  • Hatching rate of more than 98%
  • Combined incubators feature the setter and hatcher incubator together in one unit


SizeParticulars, 50 Eggs, 100 Eggs, 200 Eggs, 250 Eggs
Digital TimerTilting Control Automatically and control
Power SupplyTo work on 220/230 volts AC supply
Range Of Temp.Room to 70o C
Outer BodyM.S Sheet and Powder Coating Painted Heavy Gauge
Inner BodyS.S Sheet 304 or Aluminum Sheet
PID ControllerTemp. Controller by PID Controllers Best Accuracy
Humidity Controller20% to 95%


$720.00 – $900.00

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