The automatic killing machine is designed for automatic cutting of heads of chickens hung in the shackles of the slaughtering conveyor, directly after stunning in the electrical stunner. Design and operation: The head cutter is made of stainless, acid-resistant steel. The cutting blades are made of special tool steel. Cuts are performed by rotary blades with manually controlled cut-depth. Blade height and its position towards the chicken hung in the shackles are controlled by means of a hydraulic cylinder. Special stainless-steel guides ensure proper positioning of head towards the blades. Due to varying bird sizes, constant supervision of the machine is necessary.

Poultry slaughtering line refers to a kind of meat,food machine which is used to slaughter chickens,ducks and other poultry. Poultry slaughtering line is commonly applied to slaughtering poultry. The poultry to be slaughtered are put on the slaughtering transportation line, and the slaughtering transportation lineis  designed for transporting slaughtered chickens or ducks. In the process, work forces are reduced greatly.Besides, the set of equipment has a significant role in saving time and improving the production efficiency.And the equipment has an capacity of 300~ 12000 BPH. 


Chicken Killing Machine can provide semi-automatic slaughtering line for various kind of birds, including chicken, broiler chicken, layer chicken, duck, goose etc.


manufacturer of poultry slaughtering machines and integrated provider of poultry slaughtering solution, can provide complete Chicken Slaughtering Line for clients, which consists of living birds conveying, killing, defeathering, evisceration, pre-chilling, cut-up, sorting and packing etc processing machines. 

1) Full 304 stainless steel 

2) High performance for the modern automatic poultry slaughterhouse

3) Relaiable quality with 24 hours on  line after-sale service 

4) Semi-automatic and automatic system are both available

5) Capacity from 300BPH to 12,000BP


Mode of operation       –    continuous
Blade rotation              –   1,400rpm
Capacity                      –    up to 9,000 bph
Motor power                –   2 x 0.75kW
Bolt lift                         –   1.6t – manual


 $ 10,000.00 –  $110,000.00 

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