Chicken Manure Dryer Machine The machine is a solid-liquid separator which works continuously by means of screw extrusion. It is suitable for separating materials with phase particles ≥ 0.5-1.0 mm, high solid content in the liquid and low water content after separation, especially for dehydration of beer dregs, waste water from wood-based panel factories, raw dung water from cattle, pigs, chickens and slaughterhouse sewage. It is that the non fermented pig manure is pumped into the machine body by a non blocking pump, and the dropping is accelerated under the action of a vibrating motor.

At this time, through the power transmission, the extrusion auger gradually pushes the manure water to the front of the machine body, and at the same time, the pressure of the leading edge is continuously increased, forcing the moisture in the material to extrude out of the screen and flow out of the drainage pipe under the function of edge pressure belt filter. The work of the extruder is continuous. The material is continuously pumped into the body, and the pressure at the leading edge is increasing. When it reaches a certain degree, the discharge port will be opened to extrude the extrusion port, so as to achieve the purpose of extruding. In order to master the discharging speed and water content, the counterweight under the main engine can be adjusted to achieve a satisfactory and appropriate discharging state.


This machine can be widely used for the separation of animal manure, alcohol, medicine residue, starch, sauce residue, slaughterhouse and other high concentration organic wastewater in chicken, cattle, horse and various intensive farms.


1). Reduce the subsequent CODcr content of dung wastewater;
2). Isolated after the solid material containing dry matter can be up to 40%;
3). Low energy consumption, less investment, high efficiency;
4). Compact structure, the main parts adopt stainless steel manufacturing;
5). The stainless steel adopts imported materials;
6). Easy operation and maintenance.


Prices of Chicken Manure Dryer Machine :

$840.00 – $3,000.00

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