Chicken Scalder has an easy to read digital thermometer allowing you to adjust the temperature by the push of a button. It heats up quickly and retains the proper temperature for ease during the scalding process. Model includes a stainless steel basket and built in drain for easy cleanup. Scalding your slaughtered birds before placing them in a plucker is very important. This will ensure that the feathers and skin is soft so that the plucker can pick the feathers as easy as possible. Our Elite Poultry Chicken Scalder holds a constant water temperature to help you achieve that perfect scald. he “all purpose” combo features the Poultry Man 27″ Plucker with door and 30″ Rotary Scalder. The combo includes a receiving table to catch your chickens as they discharge the plucker.

Versatile is the word to describe this package because it’s capable of doing many types of poultry well. It’s designed for the small-scale processor who primarily does meat chickens but also needs to process cull hens, turkeys, guineas, ducks, and the occasional goose. The receiving table is 40″ x 26″ and fits next snug to the plucker to receive the chickens as you open the door.


A pig scalder is a tool that was used to soften the skin of a pig after it had been killed to remove the hair from its skin. Because people rarely slaughter and process their own pigs anymore, pig scalders are seldom used for domestic use.


The Featherman Scalder-Pro High Capacity is a game changer in small scale poultry processing. The revolutionary new technology produces a:

  • Consistent flatline water temperature control
  • 199,000 BTU Tankless Water Heater
  • Liquid Propane or Natural Gas
  • 350-bird/hour capacity.
  • 10-minute start up time.
  • No ventilation concerns with no open flames.
  • Heavy-duty all stainless steel construction.
  • Digital time & temp controls.
  • Impact resistant control box.
  • High volume of 180º water perfect for clean up.
  • Safety shield.
  • 110 Volt
  • 15 Amp Breaker
  • Optional locking casters


  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Accurate Digital Temeperature Control and Display
  • Works with 220V Electricity
  • Scald 3 to 5 Chickens at a time
  • 2000 Watts
  • Size: Length: 33cm x Width:45cm x Height: 63 cm
  • Weight: 19 Kg


$736.16 – $9,107.12

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