Good and effective killing and defeathering has a significant influence on the quality, shelf life, appearance and colour of your end products. We offer the right balance between product quality, efficiency and, of course, animal welfare and hygiene. YameiPoultry Processing’s products comply with the latest laws on animal welfare. There is always the perfect solution for all markets and for all processing capacities. Modular equipment design means that a starting capacity can be increased easily.


1. Living Birds Crate Conveying Processing Equipment 
2. Slaughtering Processing Equipment
3. Evisceration Processing Equipment
4. Pre-chilling Processing Equipment
5. Cut-up Processing Equipment
5. By-products Processing Equipment


Suitable for chicken, pigeon and quail.
2 Scalding and plucking machine are equipped with automatic discharging system, powered by air cylinder.
3 Scalding machine is equipped with conveying system, blood draining system, water bubble system, temperature control system and automatic discharging system.
4 Feather plucking rate is high to 99%.
5 Scalding and plucking and also door opening time all adjustable.


Processing LineEquipment Needed
Living Birds Conveying Line Crate Conveyer
Slaughtering Line  Chian Conveying Line Stunner Bleeding Trough Scalding Machine Plucking Machine
Waxing Line Waxdip Pool Wax Cooling Pool Dewaxer
Evisceration Line Chain Conveying Line Evisceration Trough Working Table Carcass Unloader  Weighter
Pre-chilling Line Pre-chiller Carcass Collecting Trough
Cutup Line Cutter Working Table
Deboning Line Deboner
By-products Processing Line Gizzard Grease Seperator  Gizzard Peeler Claw/Feet Peeler
Other Equipment Weight Grader Packing Machine Crate Washer Hook Washer 


 $4,500 $40,000.00

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